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Magical Charm for the Unfortunate

This is a charm for those who cannot conceive, those who cannot make a living and those who cannot find a husband. You must know what kind of misfortune you have, then count the letters (huruf abjad), so that misfortune can be warded off.Total up the letters in your name, your mother's name and your father's name. Then subtract nine from this total.
 If the remaining number is one, the remaining misfortune is in the right eye.
 If it is two, the misfortune is in the left eye.
If the number  is three, the misfortune is in the right ear; if four, in the left ear.
If the number is five, it is at the left side of the nose;
 if it is six, the misfortune is at the right side of the nose.
The number seven indicates misfortune at or in the mouth;
 eight means misfortune in the hypogastrium,
and nine, misfortune in the female organs.
 In order to be rid of the misfortune, take one gold/silver coin, four gantang of rice grains, one chicken and a sleeping-mat.The person to be helped is to be pricked with a gold needle or thorn and a little blood taken on a piece of cotton and placed in a freshly hatched chicken's egg. Take a green coconut that is full and place the above- mentioned items in it.Take a green coconut that is full and place the above- mentioned items in it. Some hair from the skin of the person as well as a piece of nail are also to be taken and placed in the coconut. The coconut is then to be set adrift in the river.



Arabic magic السحر العربي
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