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The Ring of Sulejman

The Seal Of Sulejman
It was on the eve prior to my departure. A few friends and I were having a small gathering at our master Ishab’s place in Cairo. After dinner, as before, we sat around Ishab habitually as usual. Ishab was grasping something in his right hand and asked us, “What do you think should be inscribed on the Ring of Sulejman?”


We said almost simultaneously, “Those should be the seven symbols of planets.”


But Ishab shook his head and said, “Try again.” We all went into silence as we are taught that the seven symbols should be the ones inscribed on the Ring of Sulejman. So everyone just stared at Ishab awaiting some explanations.


When Ishab noticed that his disciples were dumbfounded for quite a while, he turned to me and asked me, “What is the first sentence you start with your prayer?”


I said, “In the Name of God the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.”


Finally Ishab smiled and open his right palm. It was a ring inscribed with the sentence:


(In the Name of God the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful)


Ishab put the ring into my right palm and say to me, “Remember my child, this should be the last thing you want to forget. I bid you goodbye. May peace be with you.”


Arabic magic السحر العربي
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