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Magic and the Jinn

According to the Iran-Arabic tradition there are 40 types of magic and 70 ways in which the Jinn or demons attack humans. Magic and Jinn are an inseparable entity i.e. magic is the theory and the Jinn the practice in spiritual science. As certain statements of the occult claim: "achievement of goals such as making someone fall in love or hate someone, to make someone ill physically or mentally is called sihir or magic. Magic is a collection of secret texts, talismans and practice of tying knots on a piece of thread or clothes which produces effects on a certain person, which leads to change of mind, thinking patterns, creates disease. A wizard often uses photographs or a part of clothes of the person he wants to influence and he buries it into a grave or he uses nails cut from a dead man and uses them to make a spell. Such and similar rituals represent a way to make the Jinn obedient which then in turn attack the person whose name the magi repeats during the ritual".

Every professional magi knows the rules of controlling the Jinn well, the rules are not simple. The most important rule of successful work is that the Jinn can be controlled only with the use of a seal (khatim) and signs of talisman. Without these, and also some other provisions, you will never come into contact and cooperation between a human and a spirit. Before he starts summoning the Jinn, the magi places the Qur'an or bread next to him, with the goal of controlling a spell, in order to prevent the Jinn from asking a favour in return, such as incest or homosexual acts, instead he will have to commit blasphemy by sitting or standing on the holly book or bread. Such requests are most frequent by Afariti, spiritual beings, which are hostile towards humans and they request from the magi complicated and indecent requests in order to cooperate.

Any magi which has contacts with these or similar Jinn must be in a state of everyday physical filth, in order to be adjusted to the frequency of the Jinn he is in contact with. Afariti, but also other Jinn, will require from the magi to accept sex with them, in order to completely distract him from any desire or necessity of performing religious duties. In return the Jinn will help him in achieving many material desires, such as gaining wealth or even political power, but not in religious or requests for the afterlife.

Arabic magic السحر العربي
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