Arabic magic السحر العربي

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Ideal for magic but also against magic

Talisman's are dualistic, they can equally be used for both positive and negative goals. Similarly, one can neutralise black magic with the aid of talismans. One of the great mages Ibn Hadž described his encounter with the ruler of the strongest Jinn, known under the name Ifrit's, king Dehmuš during which he revealed to the mage the best way to cancel all type of magic.

-"A couple of years ago I spoke to the king of the numerous Jinn - Dehmuš. I asked him about the symptoms which are characteristic for persons that have magic cast unto them. He replied: There are 30 types of magic "after he swore by Allah and Solomon that he won't lie, Dehmuš said: "Person that is spellbound is like a house whose door is locked. Is there another way to enter the house without unlocking the door with a key?" he asked - "There is no other way". I replied. He continued with the questions: "If a man stings himself on a thorn or is pierced by an arrow, will the pain pass before the thorn or arrow are taken out from the body?" - "No, it will not pass", I replied. The king of the Ifrit told me: "Oh, Ibn Hadžadž, before all else, for all types of magic one needs a high level of seriousness and correctness during the creation of spells". After the Jinn king revealed all types of magic to him, Ibn Hadž asked him: "Oh Dehmuš! What is the cure for these types of magic?" Dehmuš shook his head. - "Describe to me and make known to me the remedies used against such magic", I told him. After which Dehmuš replied: "Magic can only be cured and neutralised with the help of talismans."

Arabic magic السحر العربي
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