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Seven talismans

According to the Iranian-Arabic tradition talismans are divided into four elements and seven planets. Each planet has their own specifications and meaning, as well as procedure for construction:

Saturn: this planet also called emperors planet. The hour of Saturn is unlucky, element - earth, sex - male. Ink used for construction of the talisman is black.

Jupiter: the hour of this planet is lucky, all work related to water is performed during this hour, talismans for reconciliation of brothers or connection of those divided are created. Element which is attributed to Jupiter is fire, sex is male. The ink used for this talisman is linden oil.

Mars: in the hour of this planet more important work should be avoided, since it is unlucky, talismans for whose main purpose is violence, causing hostility, separation of partners, etc. are created. Element of mars is fire, it's of female sex. Ink for the talisman is made out of ginger. Sun: the hour of this planet is happy and serves to obtain love, craft work, especially work with gold. The element is fire, it's sex is male. Ink for the un talisman is made out of rose. Some authorities (alim) claim that sun's sex is female and that it is the ruler of the world. This is hinted by Allah in the prayer "Vešemsi vedudaha".

Venus: the hour of this planet is happy and suitable for love and getting married, making friends, agricultural works and other useful actions and work. It's element is earth, it's sex is female. The ink for writing a talisman is made out of musk.

Mercury: this planet is hot during the day, it's sex is male while at night it is cold and female. All four elements of nature are present, that's why mercury is adjustable, depending on the circumstance.

Moon: during the hour of this planet one can perform all types of work. Desires in some of the hours of the moon come true easily. It is especially favourable for those who search for science and fish. Moon is a happy and cold planet. It's element is water and it's sex is female. Moon magic is written with ink made out of white carnation. Depending on the station (menzila) in which it is located it can be suitable for white or black talisman magic.

Arabic magic السحر العربي
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