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Threading (passing) through the amulet

According to Bosnian Imam’s the following instruction for the usage of a hollow amulet has been constructed:

-For an amulet to work the owner must pass it over him three times, or to wait for 21 days when it will start working by itself on him and his family.

-Traditions tied to this amulet stipulate that all family members have to pass the amulet three times over them, similarly, the ancient rules stipulate that each person is passed through it individually as many times as the person’s age, three days in a row, so that it has a full effect on them.

-Who ever believes in Allah, and possesses this amulet, will be protected from all troubles in this world, which are inflicted by people and demons. Three days in a row the person needs to be passed through the amulet three times.

-Whoever possesses this amulet, his provisions and good fortune will increase with god’s will.

-Whoever possesses this amulet, will be free from all suffering and ills which are caused by people and Jinn. For this purpose one needs to thread the amulet two times per month.

-Whoever carries this amulet will not fall ill from no great disease nor will have cholera. One needs to pass through the amulet every six months, seven times through the amulet for seven days.

-If one has a wish which is hard to achieve Allah will ease the realization of the wish if he passes through the amulet 11 times, between midnight and 1 o’clock in the morning.

-Whoever possesses this amulet will be protected by evil doers and their evil acts and similarly his property will be protected from the evil caused by people and Jinn.

-Whoever has this amulet will achieve all his goals and intentions with god’s help, and if he has issues with the court and court decisions, Allah will help him come out as the winner in all disputes which are aimed against him. In that case one needs to pass through the amulet 15 days in a row, three times a day.

-If someone falls ill from dangerous diseases such as a tumour, cancer, tuberculosis, etc. one needs to pass through the amulet 41 times for 41 days.

-When the temperature is raised among the persons who carry the amulet, one needs to pass through the amulet three times and with god’s help the temperature will disappear.

-This amulet is used for a lot of things which torture and haunt the person, it helps him come out as the winner, protects him from human and Jinn evil, evil doers, i.e. in one sentence it protects him and helps him fight 99 different ailments and troubles, and similarly brings 99 different benefits such as health, good fortune, revenues, etc.

Arabic magic السحر العربي
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