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Seven talismans

According to the Iranian-Arabic tradition talismans are divided into four elements and seven planets. Each planet has their own specifications and meaning, as well as procedure for construction:

Saturn: this planet also called emperors planet. The hour of Saturn is unlucky, element - earth, sex - male. Ink used for construction of the talisman is black.

Jupiter: the hour of this planet is lucky, all work related to water is performed during this hour, talismans for reconciliation of brothers or connection of those divided are created. Element which is attributed to Jupiter is fire, sex is male. The ink used for this talisman is linden oil.

Mars: in the hour of this planet more important work should be avoided, since it is unlucky, talismans for whose main purpose is violence, causing hostility, separation of partners, etc. are created. Element of mars is fire, it's of female sex. Ink for the talisman is made out of ginger. Sun: the hour of this planet is happy and serves to obtain love, craft work, especially work with gold. The element is fire, it's sex is male. Ink for the un talisman is made out of rose. Some authorities (alim) claim that sun's sex is female and that it is the ruler of the world. This is hinted by Allah in the prayer "Vešemsi vedudaha".

Venus: the hour of this planet is happy and suitable for love and getting married, making friends, agricultural works and other useful actions and work. It's element is earth, it's sex is female. The ink for writing a talisman is made out of musk.

Mercury: this planet is hot during the day, it's sex is male while at night it is cold and female. All four elements of nature are present, that's why mercury is adjustable, depending on the circumstance.

Moon: during the hour of this planet one can perform all types of work. Desires in some of the hours of the moon come true easily. It is especially favourable for those who search for science and fish. Moon is a happy and cold planet. It's element is water and it's sex is female. Moon magic is written with ink made out of white carnation. Depending on the station (menzila) in which it is located it can be suitable for white or black talisman magic.


Ideal for magic but also against magic

Talisman's are dualistic, they can equally be used for both positive and negative goals. Similarly, one can neutralise black magic with the aid of talismans. One of the great mages Ibn Hadž described his encounter with the ruler of the strongest Jinn, known under the name Ifrit's, king Dehmuš during which he revealed to the mage the best way to cancel all type of magic.

-"A couple of years ago I spoke to the king of the numerous Jinn - Dehmuš. I asked him about the symptoms which are characteristic for persons that have magic cast unto them. He replied: There are 30 types of magic "after he swore by Allah and Solomon that he won't lie, Dehmuš said: "Person that is spellbound is like a house whose door is locked. Is there another way to enter the house without unlocking the door with a key?" he asked - "There is no other way". I replied. He continued with the questions: "If a man stings himself on a thorn or is pierced by an arrow, will the pain pass before the thorn or arrow are taken out from the body?" - "No, it will not pass", I replied. The king of the Ifrit told me: "Oh, Ibn Hadžadž, before all else, for all types of magic one needs a high level of seriousness and correctness during the creation of spells". After the Jinn king revealed all types of magic to him, Ibn Hadž asked him: "Oh Dehmuš! What is the cure for these types of magic?" Dehmuš shook his head. - "Describe to me and make known to me the remedies used against such magic", I told him. After which Dehmuš replied: "Magic can only be cured and neutralised with the help of talismans."



Talismans, tilsum or tilisum, menas precious, dedicated item... In Arabic language, when the word tilsim, written in the original, read in reverse it would read musala-lat, which means pest, so the word itself is tilsim, considered by some magic authorities, that's why a word written in reverse since the item it signifies has the task to repel a possible demon attack. It is usually a short, but powerful content, written in numbers and secret letters (symbols), which are often underlined. Strength and efficiency of the talisman usually depends on the one creating them. If that person knows secret teachings, if they correctly use the technique of construction, and if they know astrology and the most efficient content which are written; if he performs a job in the spirit of religion - professionally and piously - then the preparation of the talisman will work argumentatively, will have full meaning and will fully reach its goal.

By everything previously written it is easy to conclude that science about talismans or ilmultilsum is one of the most challenging magical discipline, since it requires from the practitioner a lot of knowledge and familiarity with spiritual secrets. In an occult manual, after a detailed description of the rules and guidelines, there is a warning at the end: "During the performance of this kind of work one may not leave out anything. If you make a mistake or leave something out all your efforts will be in vain!".

Besides theoretical and practical part, the construction of talismans is based on numerous rules and detailed use of a special way of converting letters into numbers which is called "abjad hisab", which in fact represents the very core of talisman religion. In Iranian magical tradition there is an interesting method of figuring out on which material the talisman needs to be constructed: after the wish is converted onto "abjad hisab", for example love, the obtained sum is divided by the number 3. If the final number is 1 - tilsum needs to be engraved onto copper, iron, silver, gold, etc. If after we subtraction we receive number 2 - the talisman is written onto paper, and if the final number is 3 - the talisman is written onto animal skin.

Although, as we find out, success with talisman magic depends on numerous items we mustn't forget to mention the rule on selection of the ideal time for work. We specially note to avoid certain unlucky days which exist in every Arabic/lunar month: 3, 5, 13, 16, 21, 24, 25. These days are considered especially negative since there are special hours so called hours of the Jinn where one of the seven dangerous demon winds blow. The magi which is familiar with the hours of the winds can use their power and make a very powerful black magic spell.

Surely, among the more important items of the talisman magic is determining menazilul Kamar (moon house) i.e. one of the 28 stations in which the moon is located. The one that is especially important is the one called Al-Butain whose period represents an ideal time for creating magic, talismans and magical squares, especially the ones from the domain of love magic. Similarly, Al-Butain is suitable for rituals dedicated to wealth, for opening destiny (luck), spells for recovery, etc.

Before you begin with the construction of talismans, especially if it is made to realise a love desire, the magi must, through analysis of astrological profiles of two persons discern how compatible they actually are i.e. in what relation and position their planets and horoscope signs are. With talismans one needs to be careful since they can cause a lot of issues to the person using them, if the talisman itself is not in accordance with certain rules connected to it. For example, if there is misunderstanding and conflict between two people, the first thing that the magi must do is find the cause of the misunderstanding by analysing the influence of the stars and zodiac signs. If it turns out that the reason for the fight is the lack of harmony between the planets a certain talisman is built. When the talisman is completed it needs to be hidden in the vicinity of the house where it won't be exposed to the influence of water. The purpose of this talisman is to stimulate the betterment of the relationship between the man and the woman. It doesn't have any effects if same sex conflict is in question. The interesting thing when it comes to the use of this talisman is the fact that this talisman must not be created for invalids, people with epilepsy, or people who are married but have extramarital relationships. Similarly, the client must not be a thief nor can he consume swine meat.

If there are misunderstandings between two persons that love each other, and the conflicts are not caused by their will, a special talisman is being used whose effect will be shown in the next seven days. Besides it bringing peace between the spouses, this talisman is used for disease, bad luck, hunger, poverty, death of children, etc. But, if it is used for other purposes the talisman will cause a lot of issues to the owner in all walks of life.


Amulet - the guardian of luck

In Bosnian magic tradition there are numerous ways of defending oneself from negative energy (black magic, evil eyes, demons) but the use of amulets is considered to be especially efficient and effective. Wearing the amulet, besides having an effect on the physical body and aura, has a psychological effect since it gives additional dose of security and self-confidence to the wearer. According to traditional belief it is recommended for every man to wear an amulet in order to be protected from negative energy with which he comes into contact with daily, especially when coming into contact with other people.

Every man has his own destiny, whose course is mostly dominated by luck, but, that positive energy is often blocked by other people with their negative emotions, especially jealousy or black magic. Then the life force of the man can often be blocked and he usually acts only with 50% of his capacity and he doesn't achieve significant results. He constantly has the same negative things occur to him, failures and accidents. The person cannot find an adequate love partner, have business success or he is often sick. That of course has direct effect on the psyche which results in lack of self-confidence, depression, anxious, increased stress, etc. The thing which is especially important when using an amulet is the fact that it has the same effect on the person that believes in its power and on the one that is suspicious.

The content of the amulet, hirz or hijab, is varied and depends mostly on the spiritual knowledge of the one creating it that's why we come across amulets with only one or numerous prayers, amulets with magical squares and certain quotes from the Qur'an, amulets with letters, figures of a human, sword, snake, or amulets with all of the above. In a text amulets of an unknown mage the use and function of the amulet is best described: "To protect from the devil, Jinn, wizard, afrits, against attack, pain, disease of eyes, headaches, weakness, red wind (Erizipel), fever and every disease. The best protection is with Allah. The Merciful always forgives. There is neither power nor strength, only with God, Magnificent and Omnipotent!"

Though it has the power to act in all the mentioned segments people use it mostly if they were victims of a magical attack or they feel that they could become victims. That's why an amulet is always constructed when a man desires to do so, in order to obtain immunity against the negative effect of other people, or as a mandatory rule after the process of elimination of black magic, in order to protect oneself and prevent a possible return of magic.

Namely, like good, evil is also an indestructible energy which can only be moved or transferred onto another person or location. That practice is very famous in Bosnian tradition and the targets of such occult transmissions were usually special categories of people such as "women whose hair is falling out", "men that are going to the mosque", "people separating in a flea xafs", etc. A strict rule that everyone must follow is that evil mustn't be directed at children nor pregnant women. Rather than everything mentioned the practitioner of white magic directs all negative energy onto abandoned houses or mills or generally "to the dark Hawaii", mythological wasteland, where no sound is heard and where there is no fertility.

Though generally there is a belief that amulet against evil can be created at any time of the day or night, there are still certain preferences which the Bosnian mages adhere to, namely, amulet is traditionally always waited for, i.e. the client has ordered it and after 15 or 30 days he gets it. The reason for this is that in Bosnia it is constructed in the second half of the lunar cycle, last 14 days prior to the lunar cycle, always after midnight. In that way it receives a specific power of protection and elimination of every magical effect. Since the amulet, at least for the first 40 days, must be in contact with the body, the mage folds the paper he used to write and draw symbols into a shape of a triangle, then it is wrapped in sticky tape and subsequently wrapped in a red cloth, or red cloth bag, and after the expiration of that period it can be carried in the wallet or purse. To the question, why is the bodily contact necessary for the initial 40 days, the simplest answer is that this number represents symbols of physical and spiritual regeneration, but also fate, and that's why it is very present in the tradition of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Text, i.e. the content of the amulet must not come into contact with dust or moisture, that's why it must be protected by sticky tape, so that it's owner can go to the toilet or other places which are considered to be unclean. With the amulet as an addition one often places a leaf of nacre (Ruta graveolens) because of its apotropaic characteristics. It is mandatory to bathe it in smoke from the root of elecampane (Inula helenium) using a special formula.

Every time when the amulet is given to the client, the mage or Imam warns him that he must take care of it since it can lose its power of protection if someone accidentally or on purpose punctures it with a needle and in such a manner it disrupts its content. That's why an amulet is always taken care of. Similarly, if someone steals your amulet then they can hurt you with black magic.

Besides it having a function to protect from negative energy the amulet is very efficient against diseases but also negative propaganda. Today, as in the past, many companies as well as business people order amulets in order to protect their business space from hate and jealousy of the competition which often uses black magic to destroy their enemies.

There are a few type of amulets: for the protection of individuals, protection of the house, business object, for the protection of the land, etc. If the amulet is being constructed for a person from the family which doesn't want to carry it with herself then the amulet is constructed using a small picture of the owner and is wrapped in a special cloth, coated in wax, then it is positioned above the bed which the man uses to sleep. From that place it will protect him from black magic and attack from the Jinn (demon's).


Own your amulet

If you wish to own an amulet with which you will be protected from negative energy you can order it here. It is necessary to send the following data:

Name and surname ........

Date of birth ...........

Name of both parents ..........

Based on your data the analysis of the destiny is done in order to determine which citation and prayer from the Qur'an, symbols and signs suit your spiritual profile and based on the acquired information the amulet will be created. To have the amulet delivered one can expect to wait between 15 and 45 days. The price of the amulet is 50€ or 100$

In order to pay, you can use paypal, in the following manner:

For now the only activated option is to order an amulet, in a short while the option for talismans will be activated and also method for revealing of destiny called "opening of the starts". You will be notified of everything.


Magic and the Jinn

According to the Iran-Arabic tradition there are 40 types of magic and 70 ways in which the Jinn or demons attack humans. Magic and Jinn are an inseparable entity i.e. magic is the theory and the Jinn the practice in spiritual science. As certain statements of the occult claim: "achievement of goals such as making someone fall in love or hate someone, to make someone ill physically or mentally is called sihir or magic. Magic is a collection of secret texts, talismans and practice of tying knots on a piece of thread or clothes which produces effects on a certain person, which leads to change of mind, thinking patterns, creates disease. A wizard often uses photographs or a part of clothes of the person he wants to influence and he buries it into a grave or he uses nails cut from a dead man and uses them to make a spell. Such and similar rituals represent a way to make the Jinn obedient which then in turn attack the person whose name the magi repeats during the ritual".

Every professional magi knows the rules of controlling the Jinn well, the rules are not simple. The most important rule of successful work is that the Jinn can be controlled only with the use of a seal (khatim) and signs of talisman. Without these, and also some other provisions, you will never come into contact and cooperation between a human and a spirit. Before he starts summoning the Jinn, the magi places the Qur'an or bread next to him, with the goal of controlling a spell, in order to prevent the Jinn from asking a favour in return, such as incest or homosexual acts, instead he will have to commit blasphemy by sitting or standing on the holly book or bread. Such requests are most frequent by Afariti, spiritual beings, which are hostile towards humans and they request from the magi complicated and indecent requests in order to cooperate.

Any magi which has contacts with these or similar Jinn must be in a state of everyday physical filth, in order to be adjusted to the frequency of the Jinn he is in contact with. Afariti, but also other Jinn, will require from the magi to accept sex with them, in order to completely distract him from any desire or necessity of performing religious duties. In return the Jinn will help him in achieving many material desires, such as gaining wealth or even political power, but not in religious or requests for the afterlife.


Influence of magic on humans

Most frequent magical prop in Bosnia and Herzegovina is a hen's egg, which has the ability of absorbing negative energy, similarly it claims that there is no such thing that couldn't be used to make spells. Magic is often done on clothes or a photograph of a person, on hair, nails, sperm, etc. All the things that belonged to a person can be used to prepare magic. Spells served in drinks or food are considered to be the most dangerous since it is believed that they have the ability to multiply and spread in the human organism which can cause a man to lose weight and fall ill.

Magic enters a human being through all bodily cavities, through the forehead i.e. "star", middle of the forehead, feet, and in case of black magic directed to cause a disease and death the magical attack is concentrated on the heart or head of the victim. Sudden shivering which passes through your body or unrest are often symptoms of a magical attack. In such a case you must quickly move from place in which you are seated or standing in any direction at least half a meter. Once you do that the mysterious sensation will disappear.

Each magical prop which is found inside the house, car or clothes must be brought as far as one can from the place where one lives and must be thrown into the fire, and if they are inflammable into a creek or river. The spell mustn't be burned inside the home since it will create the opposite effect i.e. the magic will still be inside the home. Against voodoo magic or generally magic which is created with the help of dolls, which represent the victim, it is quite effective to have an upturned piece of clothes on you, such as underpants or socks, since with that act you prevent the negative energy from penetrating. But, you must be aware that without strong protection, such as an amulet, you don't have a lot of chance against a magi which made black magic his profession.

The effect of black magic on a human is often manifested with some, or all of the mentioned symptoms such as frequent headaches, suffocation, especially during sunset or night, sudden mood swings, nightmares, depression, sudden changes of life habits, inexplicable diseases, constant failures... Another symbol is pretty assuming - if the man is constantly sick and the medical examination shows that he is fine and that there is no physical ailments.

The most successful and least time consuming way of cleansing oneself from magical effects if six months haven't passed since the moment one has become a victim of negative effects. If that period has passed, its state is characterised as serious and in order to eliminate the magic the treatment will need to be repeated a couple of times.


Love knots

To "tie" her husband to herself and secure a long common life, a woman pulls from her underpants and her husband's underpants a long thread. Then she connects them together and ties seven knots on it. Prior to any knot tying the woman repeats the prayer Ihlas and utters:

"on Friday I tied you to myself and your thoughts, kaf, nun - kun" (blows into the knot)

"on Saturday I tied you to myself and your eyes, kaf, nun - kun" (blows into the knot)

"on Sunday I tied you to myself and your ears, kaf, nun - kun" (blows into the knot)

"on Monday I tied you to myself and your mouth, kaf, nun - kun" (blows into the knot)

"On Tuesday I tied you to myself and your arms kaf, nun - kun" (blows into the knot)

"on Wednesday I tied you to myself and your legs, kaf, nun - kun" (blows into the knot)

"on Thursday I tied you to myself and your entire body! kaf, nun - kun" (blows into the knot)

The thread with the knots is worn for seven days on the right side of the body, in the bra, and then placed under the doorstep of the house.


Tilsum za vjernost muža

Ovaj se tilsum (zapis) piše uz određene dodatke poput formule KAHVA LAHVE itd te arapska slova. Žena ga nosi stalno uza se.


Love Charm

Write the following tilsum in a copper vessel: Cover the vessel. Tell the bewitched person to place his hand over the cover. Recite the Invocation seven times and the Rebuke once. Tell the bewitched person to remove the covering. He will find the spell inside the vessel. Attempt it after proper election of the time, and you will find the information to be true.


Amulet for Shock in Children

This amulet to prevent shock in children is to be written on a piece of paper and worn. The verse to be written is: Nay, this is a glorious Qur'an! (Surah al-Buruj : 21)


Genocide of our time - Srebrenica and Gaza

While on July 11th, 19 years from the genocide on Bosniaks in Srebrenica was marked, in Gaza, another genocide continued. It is a horrible feeling to arrive at the place of the lagest crime in Europe since WWII and listen at the same time how Jews are killing the Palestinian civilians at the same time. Watching the dismembered bodies of children, blood, listening to agonizing shouts... all of that was already seen in Bosnia.

And exactly in those days of the Israeli military aggression on Gaza, the same fear and desperation, blood and death connected two distant places in the same pain. And two nations - Palestinians and Bosnians.

While this year we buried 175 bodies, victims of genocide, in the memorial centre Potočari, the Jews in the meantime killed over 200 Palestinians, mostly women and children. How many did the Jews actually killed in these 66 years of systematic ethnical cleansing it is difficult to say - a million, two million, three or even more? And so far they haven't been punished for any of those killings. They are very thankful to the USA which is a direct partner and participant of the genocide. USA participates very actively in that genocide and is trying very hard to protect the criminals, always vetoing any condemnation of the crimes. Similarly the USA abundantly help Israel financially and militarily in order for the Jews to continue their plan of ethnic cleansing. History has thought us that every time the USA vetoes against some resolution, condemnation or possible sanction on Israel because of their war crimes, at least a thousand Palestinians will be killed. Yes, it is the same USA that always acts as the police of the world, claims to be protecting human rights, and promotes democracy across the globe. Of course, it's all lies and a worn out phrase for the international public. Instead, the USA constantly injure human rights, participates in genocide, perform military invasion on other countries, robs natural resources of every country they attack, finances terrorism and organizes directed coups on all countries which are not obedient. That's why none of us should be surprised that the USA is on Israel's side and that it is actively engaged in genocide. What can connect two countries besides common interests?!

Gaza - blood, death and hope

For some time Gaza bears the name of the largest concentration camp in the history, whose existence the world has turned a blind eye. And all those doing that are becoming accomplices of the crime. Ethnical cleansing which the Jews undertook in Palestine in order to form an artificial structure which is today called Israel is the most gruesome example of the continuation of the Nazi ideology about a super race - one people which is better than others and which has the sole right to live.

Attacks on Gaza serve Israel as a military training ground where they always test a new weapon, on the bodies of Palestinian children. In the last attack the Jews used a new weapon which causes melting of the skin and human flesh. In the previous ones they used chemical weapons... Doesn't this remind you of the Nazi concentration camps and experiments that they performed on humans?! Remember - Nazism never disappeared, it only moved from Germany to the USA, Israel, Serbia... They are the people that have taken the right for themselves to perform ethnic cleansing and genocide and go unpunished. Those people consider themselves to be special, unique, they are very "religious", they are the oldest, most powerful... in short, they are everything and the rest of us are no one and nothing.

While rockets fall on Gaza the Jews applaud euphorically

Every time the Israeli army commits a massacre on Gaza according to an established programme which has been perfected in Israel but also in the west, a group of ten Jews or some Jewish organization protests the attacks on Gaza, in order to fool the international audience and suggest: "Not all Jews support the genocide over Palestine!". This is accompanied by the media and delivered to the world in order to fool the world that one day in Israel cool heads shall prevail. However, if that day ever comes in Palestine and Gaza not a single Palestinian will be left - all will be dead or exiled. The real truth is that 95% of Jews gives support to all military actions and continuation of the ethnic cleansing since it enables the construction of new neighbourhoods and expansion of territory.

And that such is the case is confirmed by this, namely, a few days after the start of another continuation of the long-term genocide, pictures of Jews sitting outside and euphorically chanting each rocket that fell on Gaza appeared?! Yes, you read correctly - those people enjoyed in each new kill, each new destruction and each new horror. Yes, say it out loud - they are not people, they are monsters! For a long time now there are no people in Israel only monsters, vampires and oafs. And the pinnacle of this horror is the statement of the war criminal Benjamin Netyanahu which claimed that "Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East!" Yes, you also read this correctly - the only democracy???!!! If democracy is undertaking ethnic cleansing and genocide, celebrate killing of children and civilians then they thought us wrong what the term actually means. That's why I will correct the statement of the war criminal since he actually meant to say that: "Israel is the only demonocraty in the Middle East". Since there is no difference between demons, those that hate people and the Jews.

Voice against Israel and against genocide!

Avigodr Liberman in the midst of the continuation of the genocide on the Palestinians, when the death toll crossed the horrific number of 700 killed, called UNHCR "council for terrorism", clearly stating that ethnic cleansing in Gaza will be continued?! In such a manner Israel once again told the world that it has no intention for peace with Palestine, even though the western media try to portray it otherwise.

When we analyze the chronology of the events in the Middle East we come to a conclusion that terrorism was born in Israel, when a genocide creation was born on the foundations of ethnic cleansing, terrorism and crimes. Palestinians, who have been struggling against this for centuries, are being called terrorists by the western media while the criminals have been presented as victims?! To the Jews, terrorism was a starting point from which they would begin to exile and kill the Palestinian people.

Because of such policy of the western countries, especially USA, the Jews without any type of prosecution, undertook war crimes for centuries over the Palestinian people in order to fulfil the plan of systematic destruction of Palestine.

Today we all know that Jews are the Nazi's of the Middle East, a monstrous and primitive people which raise their children to hate and kill. The Jews are a threat to world peace, international legal order, their policy of genocide sends a clear message to all other military regimes of the world that genocide can be performed without any consequences. That is a dangerous message and was an inspiration to many war criminals and genocide, such as the one in Bosnia, and there will be more. That's why all nations of the world must isolate Israel, sanction it, cease diplomatic relations and force that monstrous people to be punished for war crimes and deaths of over a million of Palestinians. Remember, who ever helps Israel in any way to perform attacks and massacres in Gaza is a direct participant of the genocide over this people. I think that no sane person in this world would like to do that. That's why we need to raise our voice against Israel and against genocide!


Genocide in Gaza

Number killed in genocide: over 1500, mostly children.

Murderers and war criminals: Israel and USA.


GENOCIDE IN BOSNIA - SREBRENICA 11.07.1995 - 11.07.2014


Gaza Under Attack!!! Share to let the world know!!!!

Share to let the world know!!!! Share to let the world know!!!! Share to let the world know!!!! Share to let the world know!!!! Share to let the world know!!!!


Citati iz Talmuda

Donosimo vam samo neke od citata iz Talmuda iz kojih možete shvatiti zašto su Židovi danas i kroz povijest to što />
„Krist je sin prostitutke. On je kopile." (Toldath Jeschu).
„Krist je na jednom gnojištu sahranjeno crknuto pseto." (Sahar).

„Predložite kršćanima da imaju seksualne odnose sa životinjama." (Abhodah Zarah, 15b).

„Bog je stvorio nežidove te iako im je dao čovječji oblik oni su ravni sa životinjama, jer ne dolikuje Židovu da bude služen od stoke. Zato ga služe životinje u ljudskom obliku." (Šulah aruh, Mudraš talpiot 225).

„Nežidovka u nosećem stanju ima se smatrati kao noseća stoka." (Šulhan aruh, Košen ha-mišpat 405)

„Istrebljenje kršćana je neophodno žrtvovanje." (Zohar II, 43a)
„Zabranjeno je kršćane podučavati trgovini." (Iore Dea, 154;2)
„Rad je veoma štetan i malo donosi." (Talmud, Getin 680)
„Nema goreg i lošijeg posla od obrađivanja zemlje, jer kad tko ima 100 srebrnjaka u trgovini može svaki dan mesa i vina imati; tko pak uloži 100 srebrnjaka u zemljoradnju, može samo soli i kupusa jesti." (Talmud, Jebamot 63a)
„Nežidovi su stvoreni da služe Židove. Oni moraju orati, kopati, sijati, kositi, vršiti. Židovi su stvoreni da sve gotovo nađu." (Talmud, Berahot 58a)
„Sve nežidovke su kurve." (Talmud, Even hekor)
„Židovi moraju naučiti ovih pet stvari: 1. Volite jedan drugoga. 2. Volite pljačku. 3. Volite bančenje. 4. Mrzite vaše gospodare. 5. Ne govorite nikada istinu." (Talmud, Pesahim 113a)
„Prema nežidovima dozvoljena je upotreba svake laži." (Talmud, Berahot)
„Bog je naredio da se nežidovu novac pozajmi samo uz lihvarsku kamatu. Mi mu na taj način ne pomažemo nego štetimo." (Talmud, Sefer Mikvod 73)
„Židov treba svoj imetak pomoću lihvarstva povećati. On treba pomoću lihvarstva nežidove upropastiti." (Talmud, Baba Mecija 70b)
„Opljačkati nežidova sasvim je dozvoljeno, a isto tako i nadnicu mu zdražati." (Talmud, Baban 111b)
„Dozvoljeno je na nežidovima isprobavati lijekove, da bi se ustanovilo da li su lijekovi štetni." (Šulah aruh, Joreh deah 158a)

Ljubavni sihir - da poludi!

Ovaj se tilsum piše na komadu lepinje od ječma i daje se crnom psu da ga pojede. Sihir je toliko jak da može učiniti da željena osoba doslovno poludi od ljubavi. Iznimnost ovog sihira je i to što se radi na daljinu, bez kontakta sa željenom osobom što dodatno potvrđuje moć arapske magije kao najjače.


U.S. media suppressed 2009 UN report showing Israel using chemical weapons against Palestinians

Obama ignores Israel's chemical weapons abuse while targeting Syrian government that may not be responsible for recent chemical attacks This Palestinian teenager is one of the victims of the Israeli military's illegal white phosphorous missile attacks on unarmed civilians, including a UN relief compound set up to shelter and provide medical attention to Palestinian refugees. Israel's military conducted its own investigation of the incidents, apologized for the attack and called it a "grave error." A UN fact finding mission overseen by South African lawyer and former justice Richard Goldstone called the use of white phosphorous a "war crime." This Palestinian teenager is one of the victims of the Israeli military’s illegal white phosphorous missile attacks on unarmed civilians, including a UN relief compound set up to shelter and provide medical attention to Palestinian refugees. Israel’s military conducted its own investigation of the incidents, apologized for the attack and called it a “grave error.” A UN fact finding mission overseen by South African lawyer and former justice Richard Goldstone called the use of white phosphorous a “war crime.” [INTERNET PHOTO BY RADEN MAS SOTO] NEW YORK, NY – Few major mainstream American news outlets exposed the sordid details of a 2009 United Nations (UN) fact finding report that revealed how Israel’s military illegally aimed chemical missiles at a United Nations Relief & Work Agency (UNRWA) for Palestinian refugees in a 22-day invasion of the Gaza strip that began in 2008 called “Operation Cast Lead.” As the U.S. and world media watch to learn if claims that President Barack Obama will execute a military strike against Syria, without a vote of Congress or the support of the UN, the same media outlets are burying information that suggests preparation for war could be premature. Little media attention is being paid to claims from a UN commission that Syrian rebels, not government soldiers under President Bashar al-Assad’s control, were responsible for recent chemical weapons attacks that killed over 300 Syrians. “During our investigation for crimes against humanity and war crimes, we collect some witness testimony that has made to appear that some chemical weapons were used. In particular, nerve gas,” said Carla del Ponte, a member of the U.N. Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Syria. ”What appears to our investigation is that this was used by the opposition, by the rebels. We have no indication at all that the Syria government have used chemical weapons.” What’s also questionable is why Obama has drawn a “line in the sand” over highly questionable allegations that Syrian soldiers used chemical weapons when the Israeli military was proven, and officials have admitted, to using chemical warfare to attack a United Nations relief compound. The facility provided shelter and medical attention to Palestinian refugees in 2009. Cleveland Challenger obtained a copy of the 575 page 2009 UN report that a fact finding mission headed by ex-South African Judge Richard Goldstone prepared after an investigation of the events surrounding Operation Cast Lead. The Israeli missile and ground assault on the Gaza strip began on December 27, 2008 and ended on January 18, 2009. The attack resulted in an estimated 1100 to 14oo Palestinian deaths. 13 Israeli soldiers were killed. Four died from friendly fire. The invasion was stimulated by Israel’s claims that rockets were being fired at Israeli’s by Hamas militants. Three Israeli civilians and one soldier were killed by Hamas’ rockets in the days leading up to the assault that led to an estimated $1.3 billion in damage to Palestinian property and businesses. Israel’s military was also accused by the UN fact finding mission of violating war protocols by using Palestinians as human shields, murdering unarmed civilians, destroying water and sewer treatment plants, and wiping out food supplies and production facilities to starve the population. The UN commission Goldstone led met extensively with Palestinian officials, victims and survivors after the Israeli military assault. The interviews and investigation led to the discovery of information and evidence that Israel’s military deployed missiles containing “white phosphorous” against civilians and the hospital. White phosphorous is a highly-combustible chemical agent that burns on contact with air. In humans it burns upon contact with skin and creates very deep tissue wounds. It can also cause death when inhaled. It’s customary use has been as a “smoke screen” although it is illegal to use against civilians in times of war. The UN commission found Israel’s use of the burning agent against the hospital to be particularly deplorable. When first questioned about the white phosphorous missile allegations that struck the UNRWA compound, the Israeli military’s first response was to issue a denial. On January 15, 2009, three days before the attack ended, Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak called the chemical weapon attack a “grave error” and allegedly apologized to UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon. On the same day, Israeli President Shimon Peres apologized for the attack, but added the false claim that Israeli troops were being fired upon from inside the facility. South African attorney and former justice Richard Goldstone was blacklisted by Israel after he headed a fact finding mission to investigate war crimes committed against both Israeli's and Palestinians after Isreal's military invaded Palestine in a campaign called Operation Cast Lead. Israeli media reported, falsely, that Goldstone promised to "revoke" the report's findings against Israel. Goldstone, who is also Jewish, was one of South Africa's liberal justices and credited with working inside the system to undermine apartheid. South African attorney and former justice Richard Goldstone was blacklisted by Israel after he headed a fact finding mission to investigate war crimes committed against both Israeli’s and Palestinians after Isreal’s military invaded Palestine in a campaign called Operation Cast Lead. Israeli media reported, falsely, that Goldstone promised to “revoke” the report’s findings against Israel. Goldstone, who is also Jewish, was one of South Africa’s liberal justices and credited with working inside the system to undermine apartheid. In a July 2009 report of its own findings, the Israeli government now led by President Benjamin Netanyahu, claimed the white phosphorous was supposed to have only been used as a smokescreen to protect soldiers from Hamas anti-tank crews that were claimed to have been operating adjacent to the compound. Israeli officials falsely claimed that only missile “fragments” entered the compound. The UN fact finding group challenged the claims made by Israeli officials and accused them of understating the nature and extent of the chemical missile strikes. They identified 10 strikes inside the UNRWA compound, with seven white phosphorous container shells discharging completely or very substantially in the confines of a very limited space. “This is not a matter of a limited number of wedges falling inside the compound or shrapnel or parts of shells landing in the compound as the shells exploded elsewhere. It is important to emphasize that we are dealing with shells exploding or discharging inside the compound in areas where hazardous material was stored.” “Secondly, the claim that this result was neither intended nor anticipated has to be reviewed carefully. In the first place the Mission affirms the result to be reviewed is not fragments and wedges landing in the compound but ten shells landing and exploding inside the compound. It is difficult to accept that the consequences were not appreciated and foreseen by the Israeli armed forces.” “Those in the Israeli army who deploy white phosphorous, or indeed any artillery shells, expertly trained to factor in the relevant complexities of targeting, including wind force and the earth’s curvature. They have to know the area they are firing at, possible obstacles in hitting the target and the other environmental factors necessary to ensure an effective strike. It is also clear that, having determined that it was necessary to establish a safety distance, the presence of the UNRWA installations was a factor present in the minds of those carrying out the shelling.” “The question then becomes how specialists expertly trained in the complex issue of artillery deployment and aware of the presence of an extremely sensitive site can strike that site ten times while apparently trying to avoid it.” Israeli government and military officials took issue with the report, but mainly focused effort at discrediting claims that they “randomly” and “intentionally” targeted and slaughtered Palestinian civilians. UN interviews revealed that Israeli soldiers herded an unarmed family of 29 into a home and bombed it. Instead of sharing any of the details of the 575 page report with newspaper and magazine readers, and television viewers, the U.S. media concentrated all its attention on Israeli claims that denied the allegations. Carla del Ponte is a UN fact finder who's continued to raise doubt that the Syrian military used chemical weapons containing "sarin" gas against the nation's war weary people. What her commission did find was evidence that Syrian rebels used the illegal gas. So why is the Secretary of State John Kerry and U.S. defense Secretary Chuck Hagel pushing to attack the government for a crime a top UN official doesn't believe they committed? Carla del Ponte is a UN fact finder who’s continued to raise doubt that the Syrian military used chemical weapons containing “sarin” gas against the nation’s war weary people. What her commission did find was evidence that Syrian rebels used the illegal gas. So why is the Secretary of State John Kerry and U.S. defense Secretary Chuck Hagel pushing to attack the government for a crime a top UN official doesn’t believe they committed? When Goldstone authored an opinion piece two years later, he said the report would have been different if Israel had cooperated and his fact finding mission had access to its officials and more information. U.S. reporters and columnists with the New York Times, Washington Post and Huffington Post used the statement to discredit the report in its 575 page entirety. Goldstone’s opinion reflected that he’d only changed his mind about whether or not Israel “intentionally” targeted civilians in the 22 day military invasion of Palestine. “The allegations of intentionality by Israel were based on the deaths of and injuries to civilians in situations where our fact-finding mission had no evidence on which to draw any other reasonable conclusion. While the investigations published by the Israeli military and recognized in the U.N. committee’s report have established the validity of some incidents that we investigated in cases involving individual soldiers, they also indicate that civilians were not intentionally targeted as a matter of policy.” Goldstone also took the opportunity to balance a legitimate Israeli government complaint that his 2009 report concentrated the majority of its criticism on Israel and made little or no reference to Hamas’ attacks on innocent Israeli citizens. Nothing, however, in Goldstone’s opinion two years later, denounced his fact finding mission’s findings as U.S. reporters seem to have intentionally tried to shield Israel from criticism. As I indicated from the very beginning, I would have welcomed Israel’s cooperation. The purpose of the Goldstone Report was never to prove a foregone conclusion against Israel. I insisted on changing the original mandate adopted by the Human Rights Council, which was skewed against Israel. I have always been clear that Israel, like any other sovereign nation, has the right and obligation to defend itself and its citizens against attacks from abroad and within. Something that has not been recognized often enough is the fact that our report marked the first time illegal acts of terrorism from Hamas were being investigated and condemned by the United Nations. I had hoped that our inquiry into all aspects of the Gaza conflict would begin a new era of evenhandedness at the U.N. Human Rights Council, whose history of bias against Israel cannot be doubted.


Syria facing terrorism


Blood and tears of Bosnia and Palestine



There are people or even a part of a nation, even though it's hard to call them people, who are cold blooded killers which work on the principle of rational and prepared violence. The basis of such inhumane behaviour should be sought in complete nationalist societies in which nationalism becomes the justification for all crimes towards other people.

In order to achieve but also to justify genocide many reasons are given from national threat from another nation, various myths where military victories are celebrated and defeats dramatized, call to revenge, for all economic or other issues the nation which will be attacked is blamed and murders are being staged in order to awaken fear and lust for revenge. All of these examples took place in Bosnia and Herzegovina before the aggression by Serbia and Montenegro. In the same manner, the same scenarios can be seen every day in the media when one of the many terrorised Palestinians, rebel and show some resistance to the Israelite army, they are promptly killed. There we can see a perfect example of manipulation when it comes to killing, in this case of the Palestinians, which is perfected by the Jews.



Genocide done to the Bosnian people, and that to the Palestinian people, is based on the same villainous policy which rests on the fact that the victim is freed from its identity, is humiliated and all attributes of humanity are stripped away and the victim is reduced to something or someone very low, in the case of the Serbs who committed the aggression you could hear: "we must kill all balije!" and among the Jews "we are a holly nation and that is why we must cleanse Israel from the damned animals (Palestinians)!". Among the Serbian ideology of evil the Bosnians are not a nation but a part of the Serbian people which converted to Islam and in the Jewish the Palestinians as people don't exists they are in essence people from Jordan?! All of these claims were created because of propaganda which must justify future crimes solely for one purpose which is creation of "Grand Serbia" or "Grand Israel".

A large part of nationalists have a common characteristic which is primitivism which is in its essence devoid of any sort of intelligence, connection with reality and historical facts. Those people simply don't have the habit nor ability to be educated, nor to research and perceive historical facts. The best example is the usage of the term balija by the Serbs. They don't even know the real meaning of that term, which in the past was a synonym for an agricultural worker in Bosnia, a farmer. Besides that, Bosniak's as the majority in Bosnia and Herzegovina always had a larger percentage of their citizens living in urban and not rural areas. These are only small examples which perfectly explain how nationalism is a fertile ground exclusively among the primitive masses and uneducated people.     

Politicians like Slobodan Milošević, Radovan Karadžić, Ariel Sharon or Benjamin Netanyahu belong to a category of so called epileptoid psychopaths, who are usually sadistic and violent in their policy, if they are intelligent. Their priority is the nurturing of primitive nationalism, or what is usually called "American excellence" today in the USA, which is the "food" for people of lower intelligence which turns them into mass murderers, war criminals and psychopaths of every sort. Representations of crime which were undertaken by the Serb soldiers in BiH in some instances exceeded the atrocities of WWII. Civilians and prisoners of war were subject to various types of torture, abuse, they cut their fingers off, ears, hands, legs, genitalia. Decapitation was the most frequent occurrence. Such crimes were done with the help of broken bottles, or old knives in order to prolong the agony of the victim. Girls of all ages were raped and often they would force male family members to rape their mother, sister, grandmother .

The crimes of the Israeli army done to the Palestinian inhabitants are no less horrifying. The thing that is most intimidating is that the Jews created the largest concentration camp in the world where they hold over two million people in the most inhumane conditions in front of the whole world?! We can compare Gaza with the besieged Sarajevo where during that time around 11 thousand people were killed. The fact that is most frightening is that Gaza could end up like Srebrenica which is referenced to by various Israeli politicians with statements like: "the goal of the operation is to return Gaza into the medieval times" or the statement of Gilad Sharon, the son of the former Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon - "We must raze all of the districts in Gaza!". We see immense hatred in these statements and a clear desire for a new genocide which caused death to millions of Palestinians over the last few decades.






                                                   isreali war criminal Ariel Sharon




serbian war criminal Radovan Karadžić



israeli war criminal Benjamin Natenyahu



serbian war criminal Slobodan Milošević


Their priority is the nurturing of primitive nationalism, or what is usually called "American excellence" today in the USA, which is the "food" for people of lower intelligence which turns them into mass murderers, war criminals and psychopaths of every sort.




When religion becomes justification for genocide


The role of religion is interesting when it comes to the planning of mass crimes, that concept of God and the holly which is built in the ideology by the people committing the crime serves as just another "justification" why a certain nation needs to be destroyed. Throughout history we have a lot of examples but today the most numerous myths are the Israeli ones, such as the myth of the "sacred nation", the rebuilding of the temple of Solomon or the Serbian one where they claim that they are a "heavenly people" and that even "God himself is a Serb!". Another example is Saudi Arabia which by the establishment of Al-qaeda used Islam with the goal of dominating other countries in the Middle east, creating an impression that their attacks were directed towards other religious groups, but that has changed in the past few years and we are witnessing killing of Muslims by various Islamist groups lead by Al-qaeda with the obligatory exclamation "Allahu Akbar!". Like in the previous examples crimes are justified by fight for ethnically cleansed lend and "free" lifestyle.




Conformism in the service of crime


In psychology the term criminal ruthlessness which always signifies planned and desired crime in which the person is aware of what it is doing. Mass killings and rapes in which Serbian soldiers smirk, jeer and joke on the account of their victims fully fit the profile of social sadists and bullies which have a lower intellectual factor. The cause of such behaviour should be sought in the term "collective consciousness". There is a difference between individuals and collective consciousness, or the consciousness of people in the mass. Both individuals and a mass can be ruthless, but inside a mass we have a new phenomenon, which is responsible for numerous war crimes, and that is conformism. In all major crimes done in Bosnia there is always the same formula: a few real villains which trigger events, and besides them, a mass of faceless conformists. After all fear, cowardice, weak personality and conformism go together. An ideal example is Srebrenica where under the leadership of Ratko Mladić and a few other military personnel, the largest genocide in Europe after WWII was undertaken.     



serbian war criminal Ratko Mladić





Dont forget genocide in Bosnia and Rwanda 1994-1995.

Since some civilizations or cultures are simply more barbaric than others, and since these are multiethnic – and different ethnic groups will naturally want to fight each other – such conflicts consist of assaults on civilians, bizarre masquerades, acts of unspeakable cruelty, and outright genocide, as in Bosnia and Rwanda.

Mary H.Moran - Liberia: the violence of democracy, 2006.



Four books of power

According to legend in the time of king Solomon, there was a large number of magical books whose content revealed ways in which humans can be harmed by various spells. Four books were also written which were called Velika Sulejmanija which represented four elements of nature and served for destruction of magic and every evil. By Solomon's order they were walled in, inside the four pillars of the temple in order to be preserved from destruction. When the king died the ruler of all demon's Iblis ordered the Jinn to gather all the magical books from the temple and divide them among humans around the world. But, Iblis didn't manage to find out where these four books were. A humble sage by the name Laden managed to find them centuries later who hid the books for a long time and finally before he died he hid them somewhere in Jerusalem. God's will was that they should be discovered by a man who was remembered by his great wisdom. Sine Jesus was murdered and crucified and the entire world was in chaos, Allah decided to send another messenger to humanity to lead the people out of the darkness. -He will be from the Arab nations, the prophecy sounded which was heard by all. While Muhammad was still a boy he asked his uncle Ebu Talib to travel in his caravan. During that time a Christian priest met them and he immediately recognised a holly child since there was a cloud the entire time above him, protecting him from the sun. Realising that it is the announced prophet, the priest whispered to Ebu Talib to get the boy home and take good care of him. Because of his wisdom the priest found out about the four books, he located them and translated them into ancient Arabic. In order to save them from probable destruction he sent them in four holly lands in order for them to protect the world from destruction. At the end of each book it was written:  

1. fire - Palestine, letter Gayn (which means that the first book is located in Gaza),

2. earth - Russia, letter Be - Siberia (which means that the second book is located in Siberia),

3. water - India, letter Shin - Kashmir.

4. air - three letters Waw, Bosna, the fourth book is located in Bosnia between Stoca and Travnik

All four books cannot change continents nor states, only cities and places. In the same way, the books can change owners but only after their death.






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Zatim čitati i ponavljati suru Džin sve dok se ne pojavi džin pred vama:

1. Kul uhıye ileyye ennehusteme'a neferun mineldžinni fekalu inna semı'na kur'anen 'ađeben.

2. Yehdiy ilerrušdi feamenna bihi ve len nušrike birabbina ehaden.

3. Ve ennehu te'ala đeddu rabbina mettehaze sahıbeten ve la veleden.

4. Ve ennehu kane yekulu sefiyhuna 'alellahi šetatatan.

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6. Ve ennehu kane riđalun minel'insi ye'uzune biriđalin minelđinni fezaduhum rehekan.

7. Ve ennehum zannu kema zanentum en len yeb'asallahu ehaden.

8. Ve enna lemesnessemae feveđednaha muliet haresen šediyden ve šuhuben.

9. Ve enna kunna nak'udu minha meka'ıde lissem'ı femen yestemi'ıl'ane yecid lehu şihahaben resaden.

10. Ve enna la nedriy ešerrun uriyde bimen fiyl'ardı em erade bihim rabbuhum rešeden.

11. Ve enna minnessalihune ve minna dune zalike kunna taraika kıdeden.

12. Ve enna zanenna en len nu'đizallahe fiyl'ardı ve len nu'cizehu hereben.

13. Ve enna lema semi'nelhuda amenna bihi femen yu'min birabbihi fela yehafu bahsen ve la rehekan.

14. Ve enna minnelmuslimune ve minnelkasitune femen esleme feulaike teharrev rešeden.

15. Ve emmelkasitune fekanu liđehenneme hataben.

16. Ve en levistekamu 'alettariykati leeskaynahum maen gadekan.

17. Lineftinehum fiyhi ve men yu'rıd 'an zikri rabbihi yeslukhu 'azaben sa'aden.

18. Ve ennelmesađide lillahi fela ted'u ma'allahi ehaden.

19. Ve ennehu lemma kame 'abdullahi yed'uhu kadu yekunune 'aleyhi libeden.

20. Kul innema ed'u rabbiy ve la ušriku bihi ehaden.

21. Kul inniy la emliku lekum darran ve la rešeden.

22. Kul inniy len yuđiyreniy minallahi ehadun ve len đcide min dunihi multehaden.

23. İlla belagan minallahi ve risalatihi ve men ya'sıllahe ve resulehu feinne lehu nare đehenneme halidiyne fiyha ebeden.

24. Hatta iza reev ma yu'adune feseya'lemune men ed'afu nasıren ve ekallu 'adeden.

25. Kul in edriy ekariybun ma tu'adune em yeđ'alu lehu rabbiy emeden.

26. 'Almulgaybi fela yuzhiru 'ala gaybihi ehaden.

27. İlla menirteda min resulin feinnehu yesluku min beyni yedeyhi ve min halfihi resaden.

28. Liya'leme en kad eblegu risalati rabbihim ve ehata bima lediyhim ve ahsa kulle šey'in 'adeden.

Dok budete ponavljali suru Džin dolazit će do različitih manifestacija koje će vam se činiti kao neka fatamorgana. Naravno, može se desiti da ne budete imali nikakvu reakciju na ovo što činite ali to nije razlog da odustanete od svoje misije već da je ponovite opet sljedeći put i ako treba još nekoliko puta nakon toga sve do onog trenutka kada se pred vama materijalizuje džinsko biće. Kada se pojavi on će vas pozdraviti a vi mu morate reći razloge njegovog zvanja tojest da želite sa njim biti prijatelj i navesti da se takav odnos mora temeljiti samo na iskrenosti i bez ikakvih uvjeta. Ako džin prihvati vašu ponudu za prijateljstvo on će vam odati neku tajnu lozinku (riječ ili pokret) sa kojom ćete ga pozivati kada želite sa njim voditi razgovore.
Kada završite razgovor sa džinom i on ode puhnite u svoj prsten na ruci jer ćete na taj način, preko prstena, imati vezu sa džinom.


Magijski svijet tilsuma i zapisa

Poveznica svijeta ljudi i svijeta duhova su tilsumi i hamajlije čiji sadržaj brojeva i slova je zapravo jezik komunikacije sa višim silama. Moglo bi se reći da duhovne sile najbolje razumiju upravo ovaj jezik slova i brojeva koji su za običnog čovjeka nerazumljivi i ne mogu se povezati u jednu cjelinu bez dubljeg poznavanja spiritualnog svijeta.

Zapisi ili tilsumi imaju mnogobrojne namjene te doista njihov opseg upotrebe je prevelik da bi se moglo u jednom tekstu predstaviti u cjelosti. Ljudi najviše traže zapise za ljubav, zdravlje, posao te hamajlije za protekciju od zla.

Moć tilsuma se zasniva na magijskim formulama koje su vješto ukomponirane u njegov sadržaj. Ponekad tilsum sačinjava vefk ili magijski kvadrat koji su izmislili Indijci i Kinezi, nekada je to neki kur'anski ajet ili čak cijelo poglavlje, Allahovo ime, magijska imena i simbole čije pravo značenje je odavno izgubljeno u vremenu.


vefk koji služi za sreću u poslu i karijeri


U našem vremenu krize i recesije kada mnoga poduzeća i firme propadaju doslovno preko noći mnogi poslovni ljudi traže pomoć na različitim stranama pa i onim okultnim. U arapskom okultizmu postoji ogroman broj različitih tilsuma, hamajlija i dova kojima se pozitivno utječe na posao, potencira se napredak, prosperitet....


U prošlim vremenima ljudi nisu samo tražili zapise za poslovni uspjeh već i za očuvanje materijalnih stvari od najezde različitih štetočina poput miševa. Stoga nikog ne treba iznenaditi informacija da su arapski okultisti pronašli rješenja i za taj problem, opet kroz magijske tilsume.




tilsum protiv  miševa


Danas ali i u prošlosti najpopularniji oblik ili vrsta magije jeste ona crvena ili ljubavna magija. Potreba za ljubavlju ne jenjava ni u modernom dobu, dapače, čini se da je ona sada naglašenija nego u nekim drugim vremenima jer tehnologija je donijela otuđenje i probudila u ljudima još veću želju za bliskošću.


tilsum koji se vješa u spavaću sobu - spriječava razvod



Prema današnjim statistikama koje su poražavajuće i dalje je u porastu tendencija razvoda što je rezultiralo potražnjom za zapisima koji stimulišu bračnu sreću, osiguravaju harmoniju i samim time spriječavaju kraj braka ili dugogodišnje veze.




Tilsumi se pišu na različite predmete, od papira, metala, kostiju, lišća, kože pa sve do tijesta kako možemo vidjeti i na ovoj slici. Obično ovakvi tilsumi na jufki ili kori kruha služe za izazivanje ljubavi i daju se crnom psu ili kuji da ih pojede.


Bajram Šerif Mubarek Olsun !!!!




The Ring of Sulejman

The Seal Of Sulejman
It was on the eve prior to my departure. A few friends and I were having a small gathering at our master Ishab’s place in Cairo. After dinner, as before, we sat around Ishab habitually as usual. Ishab was grasping something in his right hand and asked us, “What do you think should be inscribed on the Ring of Sulejman?”


We said almost simultaneously, “Those should be the seven symbols of planets.”


But Ishab shook his head and said, “Try again.” We all went into silence as we are taught that the seven symbols should be the ones inscribed on the Ring of Sulejman. So everyone just stared at Ishab awaiting some explanations.


When Ishab noticed that his disciples were dumbfounded for quite a while, he turned to me and asked me, “What is the first sentence you start with your prayer?”


I said, “In the Name of God the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.”


Finally Ishab smiled and open his right palm. It was a ring inscribed with the sentence:


(In the Name of God the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful)


Ishab put the ring into my right palm and say to me, “Remember my child, this should be the last thing you want to forget. I bid you goodbye. May peace be with you.”



Quds Day (02.08.2013)



Quds Day, officially in Iran known as International Quds Day (روز جهانی قدس), is an annual event that began in Iran in 1979, that is commemorated on the last Friday of Ramadan, expressing solidarity with the Palestian people and opposing Zionism as well Israehell's control of Quds (Jerusalem).





Vudu na marokanski način




U mjesecu Šabanu, koji prethodi Ramazanu, u mnogim mjestima po Maroku zna biti vrlo živo. Razlog takvoj živosti i uzbuđenosti je izvođenje obreda pod  nazivom Lilla de derdeba što bi u slobodnom prevodu značilo Noć od sedam boja. Ova ritualna ceremonija spoj je sufizma i afričkog animizma sa jakim akcentom na šamanizam. Kroz nju čovjek dolazi u direktni kontakt sa vantjelesnim entitetima što rezultira dubokim duhovnim manifestacijama.


Gwana bi se najkraće moglo nazvati muzičkim brastvom predvođeno svećenikom-muzičarem m'allem  te svećenicom (maqadma), i arifates ili takozvanim vidovnjacima. I baš kako to kaže naziv ceremonija započinje čim zađe sunce klanjem žrtve, obično crne koze ili crvenog pijetla. Žrtva se kolje na muslimanski način, kao kurban, uz molitvu kako bi se ispoštovali vjerski običaji. No tu prestaje sve ono što ima veze sa tradicionalnim islamom i započinje tipični afrički ritual prožet plesom i transom. Ipak, bez obzira koliko sve ovo imalo u sebi neki crnomagijski ili satanistički prizvuk treba odmah na početku reći da je jedina svrha Lilla svečanosti liječenje tojest da djeluje terapeutski na njene učesnike. To je bitna i ogromna razlika koja ovu ceremoniju udaljava od klasični prikaza vudu Loa opsjednuća kada se organizuju pijanstva i orgije.





Opsjednuće je identično ekstatičnom transu kakav se može vidjeti u prizorima haićanskih vudu obreda ili brazilske macumbe. Nadnaravna ekspresija očituje se na dva nivoa, kroz mentalni i fizički. To ne treba nimalo da čudi pošto im je izvorište isto tojest ritual su donijeli crni robovi iz Sudana tijekom zlatnog perioda koji je u Maroku potrajao sve do 16. stoljeća.


 -Okrutan odnos bogatih sultana prema crncima sjeverne Afrike, zabilježio je francuski sociolog Emil Dermengen, podstakao je nastanak specifičnih kultova porijeklom iz afričke animističke tradicije  prilagođenih islamu. Njihov cilj nije imao samo želju da se sačuvaju kultovi predaka već su oni predstavljali čvrsti afrički duh i davali su podršku opstanku etničke svijesti. Spletom okolnosti kultovi su pronašli plodno tlo te su se uspješno asimilirali u stara arapska i berberska vjerovanja o duhovima, pustinjskim demonima i vilama. Ipak, Gwana brastvo ne može se nazvati etničkom skupinom posebno zato što su njeni preci bili pod jakim utjecajem sufizma i tariqa - mističnog bratstva. Zato se bi se moglo reći da je ovo bratstvo spoj afričke šamanističke prakse i arapskog misticizma što je rezultiralo nečim što bi se moglo nazvati vudu na marokanski način. Dok je na Haitiju, Kubi i drugim crnačkim zemljama kršćanstvo utisnulo svoj pečat u afrički kult duhova u Maroku ali i Alžiru to je napravio islam.





Centralna ličnost ovog kulta je Sidi Bilal, prvi crni rob koji je oslobođen i voljom božijeg poslanika Muhameda postao mujezin. Prema predaji Bilal je bio posebna ličnost, porijeklom iz Etiopije. Iako rođen kao rob Bilal se vrlo rano odvajao od ostalih robova svojom mudrošću i strpljivošću što je rezultiralo njegovim preobraćenjem na islam. No to nije zaustavilo njegovog okrutnog gospodara Umayya b. Khalafa da ga muči i izlaže raznim torturama. Čuvši o mudrosti i patnji ovog crnog muslimana Muhamedov prijatelj Ebu Bekr as-Siddiq otkupio je Bilala i poklonio mu slobodu. Za vrlo kratko vrijeme on postaje Muhamedov pratitelj kojeg on na koncu postavlja za mujezina. Blisko prijateljstvo sa Muhamedom mu je pribavilo poseban status sa kojim je stekao Allahov blagoslov (baraka). U nekim izvorima Bilal se naziva marabutom ili svetim, vjerski potkovanim čovjekom koji ima moć da ljude oslobađa uticaja džinova, magije i uroka te poznaje tajne sudbine.


Nakon prinošenja žrtve kreće ulična povorka takozvana La'da praćena sporim zvucima bubnjeva čiji je ritualni smisao da protjera sve zle duhove i očisti instrumente od negativni elemenata kako bi se pripremio čist put za dolazak velikih Mlouka. Osim toga procesija ima i jedan drugi smisao a on je pozivanje sviju koji žele da se pridruže ceremoniji Lalla. Ispred njih koračaju žene i djeca noseći u rukama darove za duhove - zapaljene svijeće, datule i mlijeko. Kada se sva povorka smjesti u unutrašnjosti dvorišta neke, obično iznajmljene kuće, počinje drugi dio obreda  posvećen izvođenju pjesama čija tematika govori o robovskoj prošlosti Gnawa brastva. One se nazivaju "sjećanje" ili "Auled Bambara" i vrlo su tužne:




                                                                          Oh, Sudan, Sudan


                                                                          Sudan zemljo moga naroda


                                                                          Porobili su me, prodali su me


                                                                          Odveli su me od moje voljene






Uz pjesmu pojedini članovi glume scene iz života afričkih robova prije porobljavanja i nakon njega prikazujući gestama lovna divljač, plemeska okupljanja ali i porobljavanje. U međuvremenu posluže se gostima velike plate kozijeg mesa, masline i kruh.To je ujedino i uvertira u sveti dio rituala.Tradicionalno ceremonija se sastoji od sedam dijelova kako bi se ispoštovalo sve duhove. Iako red pojavljivanja Mlouka varira od mjesta do mjesta Lilla de derdeba često počinje bijelom bojom koja uostalom predstavlja muške entitete a završava sa žutom tojest bojom ženskog duha čija simbolika označava i ponovno rođenje. Lila je sama po sebi dug i komplikovan ritual predviđen za održavanje tokom cijele noći mada se po potrebi zna produžiti njeno trajanje i do tri večeri.  Nikad se precizno nezna koliko će trajati opsjednuće jednog Mlouka i kada počinje drugo pa tako posjednuća mogu trajati i po nekoliko sati.




Ovih sedam sila ili duhova, koji su ništa drugo nego duhovne manifestacije svetaca koji su u prošlosti živjeli na zemlji i promicali islam, imaju svoje posebne karakteristike sadržane u boji, mirisu, jelu, piću ali i pjesmi. Svaka boja utjelovljuje drugačije emocije i stanje te na jedinstven način opisuje njegovu prirodu. Bijela boja priziva svete, čiste duhove poput Sidi Abdelqadr al-Jilani, sufijskog sveca iz 11.stoljeća, od čijeg zaposjedanja čovjek doživi neopisiv osjećaj blaženstva i milosti. Zelena boja pripada Mloukima muslimanima od kojih je najpoznatiji Shorfa ili u prijevodu sveti. Oni se smatraju časnim potomcima Poslanika pa ma'llem prije nego im se obrati priziva Muhameda. Nakon toga muzičari pjevaju za Sidi Hammou koji predsjedava muslimanskim blagdanom žrtve i Baba Hammouda mesara koji obavlja klanje.  Sidi Hammou je po svojoj naravi divlji i groteksan, u momentu kada njegova sila prevlada nad plesačima ili transerima u nekontrolisanom plesu obično drže noževe u rukama pa se ponekad desi i da se sami ozljeđuju sa njima.Njemu pripada crvena boja. Crni Mlouki, koji se smatraju afričkim duhovima, gospodari su šume i među njima se izdvaja muško-ženski par Sidi Mimoun i Lalla Mimona. Njihova ćud ali i snaga je nekontrolisana pa su stoga veoma divlji i opasni, transere pokušavaju pretvoriti u životinje, tjerajući ih da se tako i ponašaju pa obavezno jedu sirovo meso, laju, reže a nekada napadnu i publiku. Rijal el Ghabat još je jedan crni Mlouk podmukle naravi. Takve prizvane snage izuzetno su jake i teško ih je obuzdavati pa su izostavljeni iz rituala. Bertrand Hell u svojoj knjizi "Le Tourbillon des Genies" piše kako se od određenih Mlouka potpuno odustalo u Lilla ritualu zbog njihove izuzetno nasilne i misteriozne naravi poput poput onih šumski. Na kraju ceremonije događaju se manifestacije povezane sa Mloukom po imenu Lalla Mira. Za nju ma'llame tvrde da ju je najbolje prizvati u samu zoru, prije izlaska sunca. Tijekom dijela rituala kada ova sila opsjedne plesače oni poprimaju tipičnu žensku potrebu da koketiraju pa im se daruju slastice i parfemi. Često se zna desiti da ona osoba koju zaposjedne Lalla Mira grozničavo jede bombone. Ponekad se voli pokazati u zastrašujućoj pojavi na taj način predstavljajući ranjenu ili povrijeđenu ženu.



Svaki duh preferira posebni miris čija je svrha uostalom da što jače stimuliše prožimanje ljudskog i duhovnog pa se zbog toga čim opsjednuti plesač mimikom i ponašanjem otkrije koji ga je džin opsjeo pod nos mu se primiče kadionica sa mirisom. U trenutku preuzimanja tijela od strane više sile, na tu osobu baca se na glavu pokrivač odgovarajuće boje i donosi zapaljeni miris. Lalla Mira obožava miris mošusa te svaki put upravo njegov miris zapljusne plesača. Kod ostalih Mlouka prisutni su neki od ovih mirisa - tamjan, mirta, sandalovina, benzoin, ambra...Opsjednuti imitira kretnje i navike džine otkrivajući koji je od sedam duhova preuzeo kontrolu nad čovjekom poput Sidi Maoussa kada plesač na svojoj glavi drži posudu sa vodom.




Centralni dio cijele svečanosti jeste intervencija nadnaravnih entiteta u cilju iscjelivanja bolesnih. Ako uzmemo u obzir podatak da prema marokanskom vjerovanju džini kod ljudi izazivaju mentalna i fizička oboljenja ne čudi konstatacija zašto je Lilla toliko popularna u cijelom Maroku. Mlouki se smatraju na višem rangu duhovne hijararhije od džina koji su im podčinjeni te je lako zaključiti da će se njihovom voljom odstraniti svaki džin ili bolest. Iako nekonvencionalan način liječenja ritual čovjeku daje i više od iscjeljujućeg učinka. Tokom posjednuća ljudska emocionalna stanja dovedena su do ekstrema; ljudi vrište, plaču, nekontrolisano se drmaju, smiju, preplavljuje ih osjećaj blaženstva i duhovnog mira ali i terora, erosa....Prema svjedočanstvima učesnika tokom posjednuća ili transa ljudi imaju osjećaj da su u sasvim drugoj dimenziji gdje ne postoji ni vrijeme ni prostor po čemu se može zaključiti da su u tim trenutcima na nekom višem nivou svijesti ili čak duhom van tijela.




U prošlosti ova ceremonija je bila zatvorena za oči zapadnjaka dok se zadnjih decenija otvorila ka zapadnom svijetu ali doživjela i određene reforme. Zbog skoro apsolutne dominacije muških duhova po želji naroda napravljena je neobična iznimka. U ritual prizivanja uvedena je i džinica Aisha Quandisha koje se većina Maalema plaši zbog nepoznavanja njene ćudi i hirovitosti. Njen puni naziv je  Lalla Aisha Qandisha poznat kao ženski duh sa nogama koze, uz koji se nadovezuje " l-bahrawiya" koja je iz mora. Aisha ne spada u Gwana panteon i po važnosti se nalazi odmah iza Lilla Mira no u cijelom Maroku je izuzetno poštovana.


Maalem je glavni muzičar ili bolje rečeno on obnaša ulogu svećenika paleći tamjan i pozivajući duhove kroz pjesmu, niz napjeva, da se odazovu muzici i plesu. Glavni instrument kojim se animira ritual posjednuća naziva se guembri ili hajhouj, u pitanju je tradicionalno marokansko glazbalo lutnja sa tri žice. Pored njega koristi se i aouicha ili mali guembi, zvečarka (kastanjeta) i tbel (bubanj).




Bez obzira što Gwana muzičari ili bratsvo sebe smatraju velikim vjernicima, posebno zbog Sidi Bilala, često su na udaru kritike i osude islamskog svijeta. Njihova djelatnost žigosana je jednom riječju - haram ili grijeh te se ne smatra istinskim islamom već ga karakteriziraju pojmom "narodni islam" koji je podložan novotarijama i raznim tumačenjima. Osim toga Gwana krši nekoliko tabua kako bi se omogućila komunikacija sa duhovima.





Magical Charm for the Unfortunate

This is a charm for those who cannot conceive, those who cannot make a living and those who cannot find a husband. You must know what kind of misfortune you have, then count the letters (huruf abjad), so that misfortune can be warded off.Total up the letters in your name, your mother's name and your father's name. Then subtract nine from this total.
 If the remaining number is one, the remaining misfortune is in the right eye.
 If it is two, the misfortune is in the left eye.
If the number  is three, the misfortune is in the right ear; if four, in the left ear.
If the number is five, it is at the left side of the nose;
 if it is six, the misfortune is at the right side of the nose.
The number seven indicates misfortune at or in the mouth;
 eight means misfortune in the hypogastrium,
and nine, misfortune in the female organs.
 In order to be rid of the misfortune, take one gold/silver coin, four gantang of rice grains, one chicken and a sleeping-mat.The person to be helped is to be pricked with a gold needle or thorn and a little blood taken on a piece of cotton and placed in a freshly hatched chicken's egg. Take a green coconut that is full and place the above- mentioned items in it.Take a green coconut that is full and place the above- mentioned items in it. Some hair from the skin of the person as well as a piece of nail are also to be taken and placed in the coconut. The coconut is then to be set adrift in the river.




My only crime was that I am a Palestinian


Love Talismans from Bosnia


In the past the young men in Bosnia carried this talisman close to their hearts wishing that a certain young lady falls in love with them. The power of the talisman was to stimulate feelings and to awaken love.






A love talisman with a modest content was written on a piece of paper which was then folded to make it smaller in order to fit under the tongue while the young man or the young woman were talking to the person of their desire.




In order for a man to love a woman, she would steal a piece of his clothing, usually a handkerchief or a sock, and then she would write the following numbers and letters onto them. After that she would place the clothes under a large and heavy stone.






The most common form of usage of love talismans was placing two talismans on two sides of the road or doorstep in order that the person that one fancies passes between them. This was usually done during the first Friday after a new moon.


"When a young man falls in love with a girl who doesn't have the same feeling for him, then he seeks help with the local Imam with a request for love talismans. By the Imam's advice the lad places the talisman on two sides of the doorstep and waits for the girl to pass between them. When that happens the young man quickly picks up the talismans just in order that no one else passes by or that the girl returns, the talisman on the right side is submerged in water. As soon as the ink on the talisman starts to melt the young man washes his face with that water and the remaining water is used to knead a cake with a hole in the middle through which he needs to look at the girl. After that, it is believed, that she will fall in love with him and that they will marry.    


We love President Bashar al-Assad!!!!


The Evil Eye

In Bosnia the effect of spellbound eyes is called urok, this name stems from the Illyrians and represents "captivation" or "fascination". The negative effect of the human gaze, according to belief, is mostly demonstrated in small children, especially in the first months of their life. That's why, in order to protect the small child a red, black or green string is tied around its wrist, in order to divert the first and most harmful gaze and in such a way to neuter the power of spellbound eyes.

The use of red string and tying knots on it while repeating specific chants is a traditional form of white magic which can be seen all around Bosnia. Usually older women practice this form of magic since they are the ones that believe in the effect of spellbound eyes the most. One of them is Fatima Dautović from Velika Kladuša, for quite some time she used to tie 99 knots on a black thread 40cm long. Before every bind she utters the verse Ayetul Kursi, blows into the string and strengthens the knot. This technique first of all requires calmness, concentration and time. When she finished tying all of the knots, the string is then wrapped around a small piece of yew (Taxus) tree in order to enhance its apotropaic power. An amulet constructed using this technique will protect the wearer from black magic, spellbound eyes, bad luck during travel. According to Fatima, if this amulet is worn by married women, they will be more dominant in marriage.
Ziba Kovačević from Zenica also practices an identical method of amulet construction against spellbound eyes, the only difference is that she uses red thread and ties 41 knots. The thread with the knots is wrapped around a small piece of yew tree. An amulet constructed in such a way is often wrapped around a child's hand.
-Yew is a tree that protects against evil and it is advisable that everyone carries a piece of it with them, in their pocket or wallet, Ziba explains.
It is also believed that the thread used to stitch the cloth used to wrap a dead person, gains prophylactic powers. A thread of 10 cm is used and once it has been threaded through the cloth, it is then divided into two equal parts. The first part of the thread is thrown in a whirlpool of a river and the other half is used to tie a knot and is carried alongside the user. Allegedly such a knot protects against all forms of evil, spellbound eyes and black magic.

There are various forms of spellbound eyes that are known among the Bosnian folk:

zazor is a name for jealousy which is manifested through spellbound eyes,

začud is a name for admiration for one's beauty, assets or health and that was the reason for the effect of spellbound eyes,

presjek is a name for spellbound eyes that cause loss of appetite in children and it loses weight suddenly, etc.

In order to find out if her child was a victim of spellbound eyes a mother uses her tongue to lick specific places on the child's face, temple and the area between the eyebrows, in order to justify her suspicion. If she feels a salty or sour taste then the child has been affected.
Negation of the effect of spellbound eyes should commence as soon as it is discovered, since, according to folk belief, in the course of three days the power of spellbound eyes dominates the entire body of the child and can cause serious illness.
In Bosnian tradition there exists a popular belief that every mother can best protect her child from spellbound eyes which is illustrated by the first words of this magical formula:

Mother gave birth, mother cured!
Scatter spellbound eyes like the leaves in the forest,
like the foam on water,
like gold among gentleman.

While repeating this formula the mother uses her tongue again, this time she licks the child up its nose continuing to the forehead and ending where the hair starts. She repeats this procedure three times.


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The disgraced Traitor Colonel "Mohammed Khader Hamada" who was hiding like a treacherous rat in one of the Terrorist Hideouts in the "Talbiseh" district of Homs, was located and launched to the special "Traitors hell" with the honorable Syrian Arab Army Boot Stamp Visa to the face ...




There are different movements in these protest demonstrations like Socialists and Communists, Kurdish nationalists (BDP- Peace and Democracy Party), supporters of six arrows of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk (Republican People's Party, Workers' Party and its youth organization TGB- Turkey Youth Union),in other words, Kemalist protesters, Anarchists, only Environmentalist and Ecologists etc. etc. I plan to join protesters tomorrow. I have a Kemalist friend (independent from all political parties) in these events. I will probably go to Taksim,Istanbul tomorrow for protesting Radical Islamic government of Turkey..., Turkish army gives gas masks to protesters and Turkish soldiers argued with Turkish policemen about violence against protesters. I thought a Turkish revolution has started when I watch these events from Turkish television channels.



SOLIDARITY WITH TURKISH PEOPLE - Erdogan is a killer!!!!


Support for Bashar al-Assad from the Balkan people



Daira is an Arabic word which means a circle. In Bosnia and Herzegovina the phrase "sazivanje daire" has the meaning of collection or collecting of the Jinn in order to get answers from them to certain questions or to find a remedy for mental patients. In most cases daira or exorcism precedes ograma (an accidental meeting with demons) when a man unbeknownst walks or violates a tabooed space such as an old graveyard, walks over a crossroad, walks across a place where a dead man was ritually washed before burial or walks next to a river at night, etc. When he comes across one of the mentioned places a human experiences an emotional shock, in Bosnia they say "zgrane" or "ograjiše", from which he falls ill both spiritually and physically and sometimes a person can be paralyzed from it. Today it is considered that the worst ograma is the one done on "džinska sofra" i.e. a place where the Jinn gather in order to eat and talk. As soon as it is determined that a person has suffered from a Jinn attack one of the members of the household seek help from an Imam or a Dervish. He decides if there is a need to form a daire. If he concludes that this is the only way to help the diseased the Imam searches for a child which hasn't reached puberty to assist him with the ritual. During that time the diseased is at home and the Imam has no contact with him.

The ritual i.e. exorcism is done in various ways by the Dervish which are more or less similar. The daira can be gathered on a mirror, on a fingernail covered with black ink, on the palm of right hand or a coffee cup. In Arabia the daira are performed using a crystal cup holding a small amount of black ink over which a few drops of olive oil are added in order to form a thin layer of oil on the surface. Before the ritual the Dervish writes on a long piece of paper using Arabic script the following words: "Certainly you were heedless of it, but now We have removed from you your veil, so  your sight today is sharp" (50:22), and fastens it to a child's (the medium) forehead using an elastic band. This is performed by the Dervish in order to prevent the shock that can be caused to the child by the grotesque figures of the Jinn.

Drawing a circle is the most important part of the ritual which is used by the Dervish to symbolically separate himself from the physical world and to create a shield against the Jinn attack. Another important item for the ritual is incense. It has a sedative effect on the Jinn, sooths their wrath and at the same time incites them to cooperation. When the Jinn appear, which usually takes a lot of time since the Jinn procrastinate on purpose, the communication with them begins over the child (the medium). A form of bargaining and outwitting takes place during this stage in order to find the culprit among the Jinn for the pain caused to the diseased. Of course as one could have predicted once the culprit has been identified his spiritual leader makes him leave the human body which causes the diseased to lose consciousness, and when he regains it he is healed.
But even when the ritual has a positive outcome the Dervish needs to practice patience and wit while disbanding the Jinn. Namely sometimes they don't want to leave the room where the ritual was performed because they are waiting insidiously for a mistake from the Dervish in order to attack him. That's why the Dervish calmly utters chapters from the Qur'an which have a devastating effect on the Jinn and they flee.

Ljudevit A. Ivandić in his book "Folk superstitions" (original title: Pučko praznovjerje) touches upon the gathering of daire where he says: "Gathering of the daire is always a dangerous affair. Most of the times the gathered Jinn don't want to leave, and if there is a guide that will soothe their anger with verses from the Qur'an and incense, they will surely take revenge upon him. In Bosnia, as far as I know, the gathering of the daire  was until recently done in Novi Šeher-Žepče, while in Bihać there is an Imam who practices it, the most famous instance of daire was on Oglavak between Fojnica and Brestovski, in Živići not far from Busovača towards Fojnica and Fojnica itself."

In his other descriptions the author mentions the claims from folk that witnessed the dangerous consequences of these rituals: "The Catholic folk claim that during the daire various disaster occur; furious winds, trees breaking, dust being carried by the wind, buildings being knocked down. According to it the Christians knew that a daire was taking place. In Herzegovina in a few places the people refer to daire as "okupljanje daire". Ivan Zovko describes an event of "okupljanje daire" in the area of Livno, claiming that the Imam places his face over a bowl with water filled to the brim and stares in it until he can see the vision of the thing that afflicts the diseased.

Other authors also mention this bizarre ritual. M. Ružić describes the ritual of daire as follows: "the Imam makes a circle around himself using a knife in which he repeats prayers until the Jinn gather around him. but none of them can enter the circle. He then questions them about the diseased until he finds the one that caused the suffering and then he secedes the Jinn from the diseased”.  


Bosnian Illyrians: cult of snake

As a religious and national symbol of the Illyrians the snake was present in numerous folk beliefs and practices around Bosnia and Herzegovina. The cult of the snake the guardian of the hearth and home and a holly animal with which all of the Illyrian tribes identified with was so dominant in the religion of our ancestors that the arrival of Slavs and monotheism couldn't uproot it.


The belief in the snake a guardian of the house was widespread around Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was believed that she is inside a hole in a wall or a nearby hole in the ground from where she protects the inhabitants of the house. Her presence was never doubted even when none of the inhabitants have seen her.  According to folk belief she was usually of a dark hue, and as a protector of the house she was usually gifted with food placed next to the house or a hole. In such a way people showed devotion and gratitude. As a totem symbol she was directly connected with the owner of the house and therefore it was forbidden to kill her out of fear that the owner might also die or someone else from the family. However, the in difficult times the snake could sacrifice itself to protect the inhabitants of a household.


Since the snake was a totem symbol from the ancient times we shouldn't be surprised by graphical depictions through drawings on the house or tattoos on the skin. Tattooing was also a heritage from the Illyrians which was upheld by the Bosnian Catholics in the form of a tattoo of the cross on the hand but it was also noted among the Bosnian Muslims in the form of a snake. Augustin Kristić in his ethnological work "From the folk medicine of Bosnia and Herzegovina" (original title: Urežnjaci iz narodnog liječenja po Bosni i Hercegovini ), mentions tattooing of the snake on the arms: "Not a lot, but on the hands of women and less in men, I came across a tattoo of a snake. By asking: "Why did you tattoo a snake?" I didn't get the same response everywhere. The most common answers were: "It protects against spellbound eyes", "It brings luck", "I won't get bitten by a snake".


While among the Arab people we come across a practice of painting a hand on the walls of the houses as a prophylactic symbol against spellbound eyes and evil in Bosnia we see carvings or drawings of a snake. In such a manner it was clearly shown that the house was under the protection of the snake, its guardian, which has the power to protect the entire family from the disease, evil and bad luck.



It is interesting to mention a few examples of how the snake cult adopted into Islam, the religion of the Bosnian people, i.e. into the representation of the religion according to the people also called "folk Islam" which is much more liberal and tolerant from the official Islam in which the old Illyrian religion is mentioned through monotheistic tradition.


According to the tradition from Velika Kladuša, a snake saved Noah's ark and by that act the entire world. In that legend a mouse made a hole in the bottom of the ark through which water started coming in. The only animal that realised what was happening was the snake, she quickly jumped on the mouse swallowed him and curled on top of the hole and stopped the water from coming in. That's why among the folk there is a belief that it is a sin to kill a snake since it indebted the entire human animal species.


A snake like the sheep can be a sacrifice to God i.e. kurban. When a house is threatened by a great evil or bad luck, the snake (guardian) senses it and offers itself willingly as kurban (sacrifice) to save that family. Usually in such extreme moments the snake appears in front of the enemy of that family trying to attack him/her  in order for him/her to be frightened and punished. In such events it was often the case that the snake died but her death according to folk belief would remove the danger from the home. Uncommonly if the snake felt a great evil arrive she would attack the owner of the house in order that the owner can kill the snake and neutralise the danger and remove the evil from the house.


Either in this case only or generally in all other it was believed that a pierced or severed snake cannot fully die until the sun sets in the west, which undoubtedly points to the folk belief of interconnectedness between the sun and the snake. But, that is a topic which we will discuss at length some other time.  



Porijeklo upotrebe hamajlija dosta je daleko i ono nije nikako proizvod monoteizma već starih paganskih religija gdje su određeni simboli, poput križa u kršćanstvu, predstavljali sveti simbol koji ima svoje zaštitničko svojstvo. Najbolji primjer tome je svakako čuvena Ruka hazreti Fatime čija simbolika potječe još od starih božanstva gdje se podignuta ruka smatrala simbolom moći i
snage. U Bosni susrećemo jedan zanimljiv paganski hamajlijski simbol među Bošnjacima koji se može direktno dovesti u vezu sa religijom bosanskih Ilira. Riječ je o drvenoj sjekiri koju su na sljemenu svojih kuća imale mnoge bošnjačke familije duž istočne Bosne, oko Sarajeva, konjičkom i drugim krajevima naše zemlje. Etnolozi pretpostavljaju da je riječ o bojnoj sjekiri, klasičnom oružju koju su ilirski ratnici nosili sa sobom. Ona ih je štitila od napada neprijatelja i omogućavala pobjedu i opstanak te ne treba čuditi da je kao takva postala simbol snage i zaštite.

Hamajlija se često naziva dilbagija, hodžino pismo, kur'an-hamajlija...U našem narodu se nekada vjerovalo kako je prvu hamajliju donio Muhamed sa onog svijeta i proširio je preko hodža i derviša kako bi se ljudi mogli zaštiti od zla. Iako je ta narodna predaja daleko od istine u njoj se može nazrijeti tradicionalno povezivanje svetog sa zaštitničkim. Kod Arapa se pak vjerovalo kako prva hamajlija dolazi od Adema i Have kojoj je Bog darovao, nakon izlaska iz dženeta, hamajliju sa imenima džinova da je čuva od njihovih napada. Tu je hamajliju dosta godina nakon toga,
dok je Hava spavala, ukrala njena kćerka Anak i predala je džinovima u zamjenu za demonsku poslušnost.

U arapskom svijetu od davnina su naročito popularne takozvane "prsten hamajlije" čija praksa izrade i nošenja navodno potječe od Adema i čudesne formule Buduh. Istočnjačka tradicija pripovijeda kako je i sam božiji poslanik Muhamed nosio takav istovjetan prsten.

Bošnjaci su kao narod oduvijek bili skloni nošenju hamajlija od samog rođenja pa sve do smrti. U ranom djetinjstvu hamajlija je trebala dijete zaštititi od urokljivih očiju i bolesti, u mladim danima davala se mladiću kada bi polazio na odsluženje vojnog roka da ga štiti od nesreće, djevojke su je nosile da se zaštite od ljubomore i sihira, trudnice da imaju zdrav porod, muškarci da im svi poslovi idu... Hamajlija se pisala i na kuću, za mir i slogu, protiv dušmana. Bar jednom godišnje hodžino pismo se stavljalo kravi ili volu u rog, konju pod ular, vješala na rodna stabla itd. U Bosni kao i u drugim zemljama gdje žive nearapski muslimani narod je od davnina svaki predmet na kom su se nalazila napisana arapska slova smatrao svetim. Pored Kur'ana bilo koja knjiga na arapskom pismu smatrala se vrijednom poštovanja. Upravo zbog toga i danas nakit donešen sa
Bliskog Istoka sa ispisanim harfovima osim svoje estetske vrijednosti ima i onu profilaktičku te je zbog toga izuzetno cjenjen.

Hamajlija nije uvijek imala svoju pismenu formu već je njena apotropejska moć povezivana sa onim što je naš narod smatrao svetim. Prema predaji pšenica, pčele i ovce su tri dženetska dara ljudima pa je u skladu sa tim realno pretpostaviti da zbog svog porijekla imaju božansku snagu u sebi. Stoga ne čudi legenda o najvećem sinu krajine Muji Hrnjici i njegovoj hamajliji napravljenoj od devet zrna pšenice i ušivenoj na desnoj strani odijela. Ona ga je dugo vremena štitila i činila
nepobjedivim sve dok jedne prilike njegovi hasumi i dušmani nisu otkrili što ga to čini snažnim. Predanje dalje kazuje da mu je hamajlija devet zrna ukradena noć uoči njegove pogibije.

Najčešći naziv za hamajliju među Arapima je tamima mada se koriste i drugi nazivi kao što su hidžab, hamila, hirz ili ahraz, muska itd. Smatra se da je riječ izvorno označava jednu vrstu šljunka koji su arapska plemena vješala djeci oko vrata da ih zaštite od urokljivih očiju, zle
sudbine ili bolesti. U islamu takva je praksa zabranjena i neprihvatljiva obrazlažući to izjavom da u nikakvom predmetu nema snage već je ona isključivo samo kod Allaha. No, ukoliko se sveti tekst Kur'ana prenese na čistu podlogu onda se na takvu praksu zaštite gleda dosta tolerantnije, zapravo, moderni teolozi se slažu da je onda riječ o praktičnoj uporabi svetog sadržaja. Praksa
upotrebe sakralnih tekstova pri izradi hamajlija datira još iz drevnog Egipta. Raznovrsni tekstovi iz Knjige mrtvih bili su tradicionalno sastavni dio pogrebnih hamajlija.

Idući dalje treba navesti staro arapsko vjerovanje da hamajlije sa svojim svetim tekstom ne samo da liječe i štite fizičko tijelo već i dušu pa samim time njihovo nošenje smatra se bogougodnim djelom. Diljem muslimanskog svijeta toleriše se upotreba takvih zaštita pošto njihov sadržaj
nema nikakvih crteža ili znakova izuzev teksta iz Kur'ana koji može biti obogaćanjem samo dodavanjem numerološkog prikaza vrijednosti nekog od 99 Božijih imena (vefk) ili pak imena meleka. Važan segment u propagiranju ovakve prakse ima narodna predaja šiita prema kojoj je i imam Husein nosio oko vrata hamajliju sa ispisanim zadnjim kur'anskim surama. I za Alija se veže slično predanje.

Među Turcima egzistira legenda prema kojem je hazreti Ibrahima spasila od vatre hamajlija. Pošto je progonjen i osuđen od strane cara Nemruda bacanjem u veliku vatru dogodilo se čudo, buktinja ga nije zahvatila niti na ijednom dijelu tijela opekla, što je pred očima naroda izazvalo salvu čuđenja. Međutim, oni nisu znali da je on sve vrijeme uza se nosio hamajliju koja ga je
čuvala od vatre, vode i bilo koje druge opasnosti.

Materijal na koji se nanosi kur'anski tekst ne mora biti isključivo papir već neki dragi ili poludragi kamen poput ahata, oniksa, karnelona, škriljavca ili pak gline, željeza, srebra, zlata, bakra, tankih listića olova, različite tkanine, vojna zastava, koža nerođene gazele, kosti deve, list masline ili smokve, datula, bomboni, kruh itd.Isto tako izuzev šafrana i ružine vodice kao standardnog
sredstva za pisanje koristi se niz drugi sastojaka poput kišnice, med, izvorska voda, sok metvice, bijelo vino, ulje....

Kur'anski tekst zadržava svoje zaštitničko svojstvo bilo gdje da se nanese na čistu površinu pa stoga nije rjedak slučaj da se određeni ajeti ili cijela kratka sura ispišu (urežu) na zidove kuće. Ukoliko se tekst ugravira na zidove tanjura ili neke druge metalne posude onda ona poprima status svete posude koja pomaže u iscjelivanju. Za razliku od pisanja mastilom po površini porculanske zdjele te naknadnog ispiranja vodom napisanog sadržaja posuda sa urezanim formulama i ajetima ne gubi svoju moć i traje sve dok se ne ošteti usred neke nezgode i tako izobliči ili prekine sveti tekst. U muslimanskim zemljama takve posude poznate su pod nazivom tihtab ili kur'an-tas.

Kako bi se pojačala sama djelotvornost hamajlije arapski mudraci su počeli unositi numerološke vrijednosti Allahovih imena kroz vefkove i kombinirati ih sa tekstom. Takva praksa nije se zadržala samo na papiru već se primjenjivala izravno i na odjeću. U 15.stoljeću tako nastaje novi oblik hidžaba nazvan košulja-hamajlija. Danas se zna da postoje četiri vrste košulja hamajlija i to osmanska, sefevidska, mongolska i zapadnoafrička. Košulju-hamajliju nosio je i čuveni Zmaj od Bosne, glasoviti borac za oslobođenje i nezavisnost BiH, Husein-kapetan Gradaščević. U svojoj
knjizi naš čuveni putopisac i novinar Ahmed Bosnić naveo je da se u sarajevskoj trgovačkoj porodici Hadžihasanović dugo vremena čuvala Husein-kapetanova hamajlija: "oni koji su je imali u rukama, tvrde da se radi o izuzetnom malom remek-djelu arapske kaligrafije, ali njene hamajlijske moći i vrijednosti nikada niko nije temeljito procjenjivao".

Smisao hamajlije nije isključivo da čovjeka zaštiti od crne magije i duhova već općenito od svake neugodnosti uključujući u to neprijateljsku propagandu, laž i ogovaranje. Sve ono što bi moglo naštetiti stanju i ugledu pojedinca. Ono što je na našim prostorima jako nepoznata informacija o samoj djelotvornosti hamajlije jeste da osoba koja ju izrađuje, piše, mora imati baraku (božiji blagoslov) koji posjeduju samo moralne i duhovne osobe. Također i samo ponašanje vlasnika hamajlije utječe na njenu učinkovitost, naime, bude li se on odao bludnom životu, konzumirao alkohol ili zalazio u takva mjesta uništit će njenu zaštitničku moć. Osim toga, svaka hamajlija koju bi neki dušmanin tajno probušio iglom prestaje biti djelotvornom jer se tako poremeti red harfova ili sadržaj teksta pa upravo zato njeno nošenje treba biti tajno i bez dopuštanja drugoj osobi da je dodiruje.

Book of all books

The most powerful book about magic ever written that, according to rumours, worries (scars) even the Vatican itself, was written in the 8th century B.C. in Damask by Abdul Alhazred, called the Crazy Arab. The book is named Kitab Al Azif and in direct translation it means “The book of demonic screams”. Evaluating the book on the basis of its content it becomes clear that Alhazrad, when writing the book, used much older scripts dealing with divine powers, global cataclysms and the very history of the Planet Earth. According to this old scripts the Planet Earth has been inhabited, apart from human beings, by other intelligent beings who transferred much of the their knowledge onto humans. Although those beings, the author calls them “the Olds”, left the Earth later, Alhazred thinks that they can be contacted through the magic rituals. Alhazred says that human kind shall expect the return of those beings from other dimensions of reality, on which occasion they shall take the control of the Planet Earth again.

In its later translation to Greek Kitab Al Azif book gets its new name; “Necronomicom” or “the Book of the dead”, sometimes it is translated as the Law of the dead. The book was translated on Latin in 1487 thanks to German priest Olaus Wormius. A couple of years later he has been burnt, along with all the translations, on a bonfire being condemned for heresy. Accidentally or not, he
managed to send a copy to an abbot from Spanheim, certain Johann Tritheimius. This copy is suspected to end up on the shelves of the Vatican library.
According to some data the book contains 300 pages, while an information saying that book contains 800 or even 900 pages may be encountered too (7 tomes in Latin edition). After almost a century the copy of the book appears in Prague; those days the city of the magic; thanks to mentally ill king Rudolph II. There, it ended up in the hands of English mage John K. Thanks to him the book got its English translation.
Even today no one know does anybody possesses the whole content of the book, although the oculists state that the half of its text is contained in other books like; The book of powers by Abdul Kadirov, Magus by Francis Barrett and The keys of King Solomon.

In general, the book was labelled as the product of the evil, ancient scripts say that the book affected badly even the very author who during the time he was writing the book turned from a respectable citizen into a weirdo of mad behaviour. Abdul Alhazred was born in a rich family in Sanaai, Yemen. He was an educated person, scientist and polyglot. He became famous by translating some old scripts that the colleagues of his could not decipher. A part of his life he spent at the very south of Saudi Arabia living ascetic life in the desert. Different legends have been related with the book what makes the Necronomicom even more powerful and interesting. One of those legends is about the death of the author; he was shredded to pieces by an invisible monster in the middle of the day in Mecca.

Idries Shah, the director of Institute for the cultural inquires in London, during the middle of the 20th Century conducted an inquiry throughout the libraries of India, Egypt and Arabia searching the Arabic version of the book. Obviously the quest was successful as today we encounter the information that seven copies of Kitab Al Azif is kept in couple of World known museums, one
of them is London's. Experts agree that if the book Kitab Al Azif is once offered on an auction would reach the highest possible price outbidding all other books.


View from Europe - The Truth about Syria


This page is designed to spread the truth of what is happening in Syria!
We will try to present you a realistic picture from Syria.
Many videos and pictures.





Israhell is genocidal creation!!! Stop terror against Palestinians!!!



Write these seals on three leaves, saying: In the name of .... son of ... for the love of ... daughter of ...

A leaf is then burned every day until all three leaves have been consumed.


Napiši sljedeće pečate na tri lista papira i spali ih vatri govoreći: Dat ćeš ljubav za NN ćerke od NN u srcu od NN sina od NN. Spali svaki dan po jedan list dok sva tri ne budu spaljena.


Ljubavni vefk

      Da bi žena osvojila željenog muškarca džin-hodža joj na čistom komadu zečije kože piše u povoljno vrijeme ovaj vefk, potom kožu zapali a  pepeo se pomješa sa maskarom.


Talisman To Cause Explotion Of Stomach

This hex is very painful for your enemy, Please do not use it for jokes.
If your enemy is too dangerous and threatening your life or family, You may do this method for destroying your enemy, God most high willing.

Step One: At dawn, prepare a chicken egg and inscribe upon the egg the talisman above. Inscribe it while intending and saying your target name.

Step Two: Then burn the egg on a fire till it broke.

God most high willing, The enemy that is threatening your life will be destroyed by God.

Note: Forgiving is better than killing.

Kitab Al-Ajnas Initiation

The Carpet
This is for acquiring the knowledges of kitab Al-Ajnas by Asif Bin Barkhiya.

You inscribe the following names on a clean white fabric or metal, you sit upon the carpet and command the ruhanniyah (spirits) for whatever you wish (it depends on what the spirits is capable of), If you can't acquire such tools then use a piece of pure and clean parchment written on it with ink made of saffron, ink, camphor, musk and rose water. Uponthere you will receive power upon every soul on this world, human and djinn.

You must know that only through practice, it's method and ways, that can make oneself success with any of the following knowledges. While doing so keep your clothes and body clean, try to not to sleep and do not consume non-halal food (such as pork and alcohol). Have awe to your lord, As been said made a carpet out of fabric or parchment upon it your inscribe the names of powers that you wish to acquire (In this post i will mention the supreme conjuration of all Ruhanniyah names). When you conjure the Ruhanniyah you should be in a quiet place free from hustle and bustle or a room/house away from any habitation. Let your retreat last for seven weeks, three weeks or one week (this is the minimum). Whoever wants to accomplish this spiritual excercise should not sleep at night unless you fall asleep at your own by force. You should persist in reciting the conjuration. You should also be in a state of cleanliness by taking ablution wash or holy wash. You will see the Ruhanniyah in your dreams, and later the ruhanniyah will appear to you when you're awake. You should sleep in the day time from midmorning to noon (Do not sleep after midafternoon or dawn). You should ask forgiveness from your Lord and earnestly pray to him (If you're a muslim you should do a repentance prayer). If you wish to employ the khodam (servant) from the angels who in charge of the planets fashion the seal according to the planet glyphs  when the planets on its exaltation (see pages 117 [١١٧]) and let your carpet be suitable to its color and incense. Last thing inscribe the conjuration that you wish to acquire upon the carpet (at the middle) it will be more perfect.

The Method For The Carpet
Inscribe the names upon the carpet just like the picture above, I have also change it into text so that you may see what should be written.

Inscribe This 100 Names At The Front End:
عويل عزريل عمانيل صهصهة صمصيول خيمش ديمش هارش قارش هيدرش خطاف جولي جمنهيش جيد نش قيش مخطاليش هيولا بشعلاش مرداش قيوش اهليل هيبوت هلياوت اوخدي لاحسن صتاصيف اهميلخ طقش شلامين سلام اه واه يه يهو شده شده جبروت جبروت جبريانيل حورا سلكف سلكف سلطاط شلطا مطا مكفكف كف ملكا وباغني باريخ قديشا اهيا شراهيا ابريخ ياريخ عني بريخ بيدلخ بيروخ بسطور النور وإنه لقسم لو تعلمون عظيم بحمعسق ونفخ في الصور فصعق من في السموات ومن في الأرض إلا مَن شاء الله وكل أتوه داخرين بكهطول وملخ براخ بطيشا احماحميثا سبوح قدوس شداي عواليم مصرايم عشعاش مرداش صغرا رمش عواليش طاماغوش هملوقاش صعيراش تنش قطهر قطاميش شعقوش رزيوش عيوش دريوش قيبكاش اش شمالوش عقمايش درمايش درمش الوحى الوحى

Inscribe This 50 Names On The Right Side:
يهليوه كركياط هيور كشيرياوب اهمليم شعيهوش حواليم عبدليم قشريم طوشليم طوشال علشاقش مهراقيش طقلا عقيل هبيد رشوا شقيم رفوش دقياشيم سراخيل دماقير دهيول هو هوصيال قوش مريوش قيوش مارش عفكل شيكل شهاطش يكلاوش كل وش ديوش برخاريش جهه صفيه جودرة مره يويه دراش دمهلاجش طروش كروش حيوم قيوم الها ربا قديسا

Inscribe This 50 Names On The Left Side:
ابا الاها بشعياذ يورطالش مهراقش ميخا طهيش طلش درعاش عشقش ترتيب مراتيل برهيود رقايل برقيل واش لماش طقياش طيمروش هارش لاوش فصص حبرنب هواطيل كلكنوش رهوش اركيوش دالش عولش وارياش بهاش عوش ياعاش ياراش واش واراش وراش نوش نوش صرصرجيا يبرشوش برنيوش دهيوش رذب عيانق مهوارش بهوارش ديوه يوه ماه يولخ

Inscribe This 100 Names At The Back End:
اللهم باسمك فيعوج ديعوج بيعوج شفاها شرليش اوياه برياه دهوه يه يه هايلا شملا ارخيا اياه مركوش روش اشيخ شخيخ شامخ قطيط مطيط سالون عفعش حيف اقش مقش قرايوش دروش بروشا اهيوثا شكشم بكشم رشيم ديوق مالق عليا شم عواقيم مهياليان ثوب ثرثوب ماش قراخ كراخ حيورخ برهيا شمراثا تبراثا مالش جولا طلمخ شلع فقطشلخ مهطيل هطيل مرطيل هطيل يطل طواشخ طليخ حعلخ هيوت هيوت رقشياده هاشا لهيا كسا ايقشان ثبوا ديوه بياصوم ربه دراخ مرهالخ برعاش قراش مارش رادش حادش صيمر همير هثو توغر غوش غرعيوش عاصم قاصم داعش فرعش قلموش قشرعش قيش اوديوش ليكوش جيه جيهه جيولش طهيانه طهورة ارياه ارتياياه قيدول تيارياه رياه دشم دشم مركشم صون يشرا شليم شلامين صاعوق ناعوق لاعج ماعج عجيج بعيج عواديم صرناييم ملاخيم خلاتوق ملاخوق صعجف مواجف خفيف جفجف جرير هايور جايور لطيف قورش قطروش صيرا هوما طقيش طقرش طقاش هيش هرام كبراص دملاص دليص حصيص حيلونش طقمش طواش طهقيش حواه كريد ياصورا حودا ياخان دميلا خان اخان جبرون جيراوون جبراووت جبراووت قرمانش قرمياش مرمينامين علامين العزيا قرقرون ملشيا شيور مشتار سيوخ قدوس سقلوط لاجين صراجين صوامين اركاش ركوش كيموش حماعيوش ابريدق مالاقيم جبراهيم همقاش طواليش عملوش عمقاليش عوديال ديال كرتهوش فيقطوش درش درويوش صهرام عوام صيهيوش طهرام عرام صيهوش

Supreme Conjuration Of All Ruhanniyah الدعوة العظمى لجميع الآرواح (Al-Ajnas Pages 35 [٣٥])

This is for the angels from the Throne and to the stool :

باسم الله الذي قامت بامره السموات وسبحت له الملائكة باختلاف اللغات خلق السماء بقدرته ودحا الارض بارادته وخلق النجوم بحكمته وفجر البحار بمشيئته واستوى على جميع الاضياء بقهره وقدرته ازلي الازل قبل الازمان الغابرة والدهور الداهرة تبارك في جوهريته النورانية العنصرية الازلية واحتجب بقدس الانوار اللاهوتية العلية الازلية الغائبة عن البشرية البرية الثابثة في الاذهان الزكية تباركت وتقدست اسماؤك يارب الذي منك تتنوع حكمة الارواح الروحانية المنفصلة بالقوى العالية تباركت وتقدست اسماؤك وعظم كبرياؤك ولاقادر غيرك ولاقاهر سواك فاني ادعوك باسمائك الحسنى وكلماتك العليا العظمى التي قالت بها لجميع الأشياء كن فكان ما تشاء التي كان لا يلبث لسماعها ارض ولا سماء اسالك ان تسخر لي عبيدك وملائكتك حتى استعين بهم على مايرضيك وانت المستعان .

فاني ادعوكم يامعاشر الارواح الطاهرين المطيعة لله رب العالمين من الملائكة الروحانيين الموكلين بنواصي الجن والشياطين بما اقسم به على السموات والارض فاتت طائعة 
بقدرته بالكلمات العظمى والايات العليا بالله وهو رب الاخرة والاولى وبما نزل به جبريل عليه السلام على سليمان على كافة النبيين والمرسلين.

ياهيا شراهيا ادوناي اصباؤت ال شداي نور النور اه اه تلالا بهاه وياه يا هو يا هو يا هو شليم نمواه نمواه اه هياه صهصها هصهصا هجهجا اه يه يانوخ ياهيه نموه نموه ن وبالاسم الذي اخذ به ربنا كل شيء فخضع وذل وبالاسم المخزون المكنون اهيا شراهيا صصفص صص ادوناي اصباؤت ال شداي رصي الله عنك اجيبوني يا ملائكة ربي يا شمخ شيمخا بالذي ترعدون من مخافته وتخرون صعقا لهيبته العظيمة لابس المهابة الخفي بالكبرياء المكلل بالنور الذي برق خيال بهاء نوره اشرق طور سيناء فانهد وجرى وخرت الملائكة صعقا في الهوى خائفة من سطوة رب السموات العلى طائعة لاسمائه الحسنى وكلماته العظمى وبالاسم الذي لو تكلم به منك الروح لتساقطت رؤوس الملائكة الكروبيين هورين باروخ اشمخ شماخ العالي على كل براخ طنطيش شفش اكراكوك اله قدوس ياذا عوة يا ه ترابخ بخ بعالم طيموثا بطيثا منيعا بشدايد الارعاد طيثا بشمخ قيوما رحمتنا يوثا مايوثا هولاين هلهيثا قظ قط الله الله الواحد القهار هو هو هورص هوغان كبارا وجبار ابيض بيض مايوت جل وعز سلطان شموت شتموت بمصورش صص صمدي هو ميص تهميص صص هو ميصصيا صصمومه هوثاه يافشطليس هو مصصيا هو ملك الارض والسماء اجبني ياميططرون يه يه يه يه يه يه يه بيه اوريال برخيال هوريال شوريال رغشيال هوريال لهفيال برقيال نوريال عشيال غشيال هدريال لهفيال برقيال نوريال عشيال غشيال قلايال عذريال سرخيال تبارك ربنا ما اعز عزه الذي الجم الجان بكلماته لا اله الا هو عجلوا بكاف من كاف وبصاد من صادق اه او هي شوصه شرمه بشطور شطور حمعسق الم المص رب ياجليل الاجل اجبني ياميططرون انت وجميع اعوانك الطاعة لله ولاسمائه

I'm sorry i can't translate this names into phonetic because i'm not really good in arabic language if i translated it  wrongly the conjuration will not be perfect, If any of you is an arabic speaker please kindly translate this name into phonetic, May God bless you!

On the carpet you say the names that has been mentioned which is the Supreme Conjuration Of All Ruhanniyah with the names of the seven firmament planets (see pages 21 [٢١] to 30 [٣٠]) for the names). You recite them at the state i have mentioned. After that all the ruhanniyah will be revealed to you, you will receive your objective in both of this world and the world after. Let your conjuration be for whatever your desire and asking their help againts your enemy, God most high will.

Step One: You should have inscribed the carpet along with the conjuration that you choose (depend on which you would like to acquire)

Step Two: Prepare a clean room or place that is free from hustle and bustle as mentioned before you should do your retreat the minimum is 7 days as mentioned.

Step Three: Always be in a state of cleanliness by taking ablution wash or holy wash, recite the conjuration as many times as you can. As mentioned do not sleep at night unless you fall asleep at your own.

You will see the ruhanniyah and if you wish to conjure them recite the conjuration that is suitable.

Note: Some say that this initiation is really powerful even diamond has no value to this knowledges. Thus if you wish to fly, teleport, shapeshift, bring back the dead to life like how prophet Jesus (Peace be upon him) did, close the sun and even split the moon into half like how prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) has perform miracles it is possible if God will it to happen for you.

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