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Love Talismans from Bosnia


In the past the young men in Bosnia carried this talisman close to their hearts wishing that a certain young lady falls in love with them. The power of the talisman was to stimulate feelings and to awaken love.






A love talisman with a modest content was written on a piece of paper which was then folded to make it smaller in order to fit under the tongue while the young man or the young woman were talking to the person of their desire.




In order for a man to love a woman, she would steal a piece of his clothing, usually a handkerchief or a sock, and then she would write the following numbers and letters onto them. After that she would place the clothes under a large and heavy stone.






The most common form of usage of love talismans was placing two talismans on two sides of the road or doorstep in order that the person that one fancies passes between them. This was usually done during the first Friday after a new moon.


"When a young man falls in love with a girl who doesn't have the same feeling for him, then he seeks help with the local Imam with a request for love talismans. By the Imam's advice the lad places the talisman on two sides of the doorstep and waits for the girl to pass between them. When that happens the young man quickly picks up the talismans just in order that no one else passes by or that the girl returns, the talisman on the right side is submerged in water. As soon as the ink on the talisman starts to melt the young man washes his face with that water and the remaining water is used to knead a cake with a hole in the middle through which he needs to look at the girl. After that, it is believed, that she will fall in love with him and that they will marry.    


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The Evil Eye

In Bosnia the effect of spellbound eyes is called urok, this name stems from the Illyrians and represents "captivation" or "fascination". The negative effect of the human gaze, according to belief, is mostly demonstrated in small children, especially in the first months of their life. That's why, in order to protect the small child a red, black or green string is tied around its wrist, in order to divert the first and most harmful gaze and in such a way to neuter the power of spellbound eyes.

The use of red string and tying knots on it while repeating specific chants is a traditional form of white magic which can be seen all around Bosnia. Usually older women practice this form of magic since they are the ones that believe in the effect of spellbound eyes the most. One of them is Fatima Dautović from Velika Kladuša, for quite some time she used to tie 99 knots on a black thread 40cm long. Before every bind she utters the verse Ayetul Kursi, blows into the string and strengthens the knot. This technique first of all requires calmness, concentration and time. When she finished tying all of the knots, the string is then wrapped around a small piece of yew (Taxus) tree in order to enhance its apotropaic power. An amulet constructed using this technique will protect the wearer from black magic, spellbound eyes, bad luck during travel. According to Fatima, if this amulet is worn by married women, they will be more dominant in marriage.
Ziba Kovačević from Zenica also practices an identical method of amulet construction against spellbound eyes, the only difference is that she uses red thread and ties 41 knots. The thread with the knots is wrapped around a small piece of yew tree. An amulet constructed in such a way is often wrapped around a child's hand.
-Yew is a tree that protects against evil and it is advisable that everyone carries a piece of it with them, in their pocket or wallet, Ziba explains.
It is also believed that the thread used to stitch the cloth used to wrap a dead person, gains prophylactic powers. A thread of 10 cm is used and once it has been threaded through the cloth, it is then divided into two equal parts. The first part of the thread is thrown in a whirlpool of a river and the other half is used to tie a knot and is carried alongside the user. Allegedly such a knot protects against all forms of evil, spellbound eyes and black magic.

There are various forms of spellbound eyes that are known among the Bosnian folk:

zazor is a name for jealousy which is manifested through spellbound eyes,

začud is a name for admiration for one's beauty, assets or health and that was the reason for the effect of spellbound eyes,

presjek is a name for spellbound eyes that cause loss of appetite in children and it loses weight suddenly, etc.

In order to find out if her child was a victim of spellbound eyes a mother uses her tongue to lick specific places on the child's face, temple and the area between the eyebrows, in order to justify her suspicion. If she feels a salty or sour taste then the child has been affected.
Negation of the effect of spellbound eyes should commence as soon as it is discovered, since, according to folk belief, in the course of three days the power of spellbound eyes dominates the entire body of the child and can cause serious illness.
In Bosnian tradition there exists a popular belief that every mother can best protect her child from spellbound eyes which is illustrated by the first words of this magical formula:

Mother gave birth, mother cured!
Scatter spellbound eyes like the leaves in the forest,
like the foam on water,
like gold among gentleman.

While repeating this formula the mother uses her tongue again, this time she licks the child up its nose continuing to the forehead and ending where the hair starts. She repeats this procedure three times.


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Daira is an Arabic word which means a circle. In Bosnia and Herzegovina the phrase "sazivanje daire" has the meaning of collection or collecting of the Jinn in order to get answers from them to certain questions or to find a remedy for mental patients. In most cases daira or exorcism precedes ograma (an accidental meeting with demons) when a man unbeknownst walks or violates a tabooed space such as an old graveyard, walks over a crossroad, walks across a place where a dead man was ritually washed before burial or walks next to a river at night, etc. When he comes across one of the mentioned places a human experiences an emotional shock, in Bosnia they say "zgrane" or "ograjiše", from which he falls ill both spiritually and physically and sometimes a person can be paralyzed from it. Today it is considered that the worst ograma is the one done on "džinska sofra" i.e. a place where the Jinn gather in order to eat and talk. As soon as it is determined that a person has suffered from a Jinn attack one of the members of the household seek help from an Imam or a Dervish. He decides if there is a need to form a daire. If he concludes that this is the only way to help the diseased the Imam searches for a child which hasn't reached puberty to assist him with the ritual. During that time the diseased is at home and the Imam has no contact with him.

The ritual i.e. exorcism is done in various ways by the Dervish which are more or less similar. The daira can be gathered on a mirror, on a fingernail covered with black ink, on the palm of right hand or a coffee cup. In Arabia the daira are performed using a crystal cup holding a small amount of black ink over which a few drops of olive oil are added in order to form a thin layer of oil on the surface. Before the ritual the Dervish writes on a long piece of paper using Arabic script the following words: "Certainly you were heedless of it, but now We have removed from you your veil, so  your sight today is sharp" (50:22), and fastens it to a child's (the medium) forehead using an elastic band. This is performed by the Dervish in order to prevent the shock that can be caused to the child by the grotesque figures of the Jinn.

Drawing a circle is the most important part of the ritual which is used by the Dervish to symbolically separate himself from the physical world and to create a shield against the Jinn attack. Another important item for the ritual is incense. It has a sedative effect on the Jinn, sooths their wrath and at the same time incites them to cooperation. When the Jinn appear, which usually takes a lot of time since the Jinn procrastinate on purpose, the communication with them begins over the child (the medium). A form of bargaining and outwitting takes place during this stage in order to find the culprit among the Jinn for the pain caused to the diseased. Of course as one could have predicted once the culprit has been identified his spiritual leader makes him leave the human body which causes the diseased to lose consciousness, and when he regains it he is healed.
But even when the ritual has a positive outcome the Dervish needs to practice patience and wit while disbanding the Jinn. Namely sometimes they don't want to leave the room where the ritual was performed because they are waiting insidiously for a mistake from the Dervish in order to attack him. That's why the Dervish calmly utters chapters from the Qur'an which have a devastating effect on the Jinn and they flee.

Ljudevit A. Ivandić in his book "Folk superstitions" (original title: Pučko praznovjerje) touches upon the gathering of daire where he says: "Gathering of the daire is always a dangerous affair. Most of the times the gathered Jinn don't want to leave, and if there is a guide that will soothe their anger with verses from the Qur'an and incense, they will surely take revenge upon him. In Bosnia, as far as I know, the gathering of the daire  was until recently done in Novi Šeher-Žepče, while in Bihać there is an Imam who practices it, the most famous instance of daire was on Oglavak between Fojnica and Brestovski, in Živići not far from Busovača towards Fojnica and Fojnica itself."

In his other descriptions the author mentions the claims from folk that witnessed the dangerous consequences of these rituals: "The Catholic folk claim that during the daire various disaster occur; furious winds, trees breaking, dust being carried by the wind, buildings being knocked down. According to it the Christians knew that a daire was taking place. In Herzegovina in a few places the people refer to daire as "okupljanje daire". Ivan Zovko describes an event of "okupljanje daire" in the area of Livno, claiming that the Imam places his face over a bowl with water filled to the brim and stares in it until he can see the vision of the thing that afflicts the diseased.

Other authors also mention this bizarre ritual. M. Ružić describes the ritual of daire as follows: "the Imam makes a circle around himself using a knife in which he repeats prayers until the Jinn gather around him. but none of them can enter the circle. He then questions them about the diseased until he finds the one that caused the suffering and then he secedes the Jinn from the diseased”.  


Bosnian Illyrians: cult of snake

As a religious and national symbol of the Illyrians the snake was present in numerous folk beliefs and practices around Bosnia and Herzegovina. The cult of the snake the guardian of the hearth and home and a holly animal with which all of the Illyrian tribes identified with was so dominant in the religion of our ancestors that the arrival of Slavs and monotheism couldn't uproot it.


The belief in the snake a guardian of the house was widespread around Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was believed that she is inside a hole in a wall or a nearby hole in the ground from where she protects the inhabitants of the house. Her presence was never doubted even when none of the inhabitants have seen her.  According to folk belief she was usually of a dark hue, and as a protector of the house she was usually gifted with food placed next to the house or a hole. In such a way people showed devotion and gratitude. As a totem symbol she was directly connected with the owner of the house and therefore it was forbidden to kill her out of fear that the owner might also die or someone else from the family. However, the in difficult times the snake could sacrifice itself to protect the inhabitants of a household.


Since the snake was a totem symbol from the ancient times we shouldn't be surprised by graphical depictions through drawings on the house or tattoos on the skin. Tattooing was also a heritage from the Illyrians which was upheld by the Bosnian Catholics in the form of a tattoo of the cross on the hand but it was also noted among the Bosnian Muslims in the form of a snake. Augustin Kristić in his ethnological work "From the folk medicine of Bosnia and Herzegovina" (original title: Urežnjaci iz narodnog liječenja po Bosni i Hercegovini ), mentions tattooing of the snake on the arms: "Not a lot, but on the hands of women and less in men, I came across a tattoo of a snake. By asking: "Why did you tattoo a snake?" I didn't get the same response everywhere. The most common answers were: "It protects against spellbound eyes", "It brings luck", "I won't get bitten by a snake".


While among the Arab people we come across a practice of painting a hand on the walls of the houses as a prophylactic symbol against spellbound eyes and evil in Bosnia we see carvings or drawings of a snake. In such a manner it was clearly shown that the house was under the protection of the snake, its guardian, which has the power to protect the entire family from the disease, evil and bad luck.



It is interesting to mention a few examples of how the snake cult adopted into Islam, the religion of the Bosnian people, i.e. into the representation of the religion according to the people also called "folk Islam" which is much more liberal and tolerant from the official Islam in which the old Illyrian religion is mentioned through monotheistic tradition.


According to the tradition from Velika Kladuša, a snake saved Noah's ark and by that act the entire world. In that legend a mouse made a hole in the bottom of the ark through which water started coming in. The only animal that realised what was happening was the snake, she quickly jumped on the mouse swallowed him and curled on top of the hole and stopped the water from coming in. That's why among the folk there is a belief that it is a sin to kill a snake since it indebted the entire human animal species.


A snake like the sheep can be a sacrifice to God i.e. kurban. When a house is threatened by a great evil or bad luck, the snake (guardian) senses it and offers itself willingly as kurban (sacrifice) to save that family. Usually in such extreme moments the snake appears in front of the enemy of that family trying to attack him/her  in order for him/her to be frightened and punished. In such events it was often the case that the snake died but her death according to folk belief would remove the danger from the home. Uncommonly if the snake felt a great evil arrive she would attack the owner of the house in order that the owner can kill the snake and neutralise the danger and remove the evil from the house.


Either in this case only or generally in all other it was believed that a pierced or severed snake cannot fully die until the sun sets in the west, which undoubtedly points to the folk belief of interconnectedness between the sun and the snake. But, that is a topic which we will discuss at length some other time.  



Porijeklo upotrebe hamajlija dosta je daleko i ono nije nikako proizvod monoteizma već starih paganskih religija gdje su određeni simboli, poput križa u kršćanstvu, predstavljali sveti simbol koji ima svoje zaštitničko svojstvo. Najbolji primjer tome je svakako čuvena Ruka hazreti Fatime čija simbolika potječe još od starih božanstva gdje se podignuta ruka smatrala simbolom moći i
snage. U Bosni susrećemo jedan zanimljiv paganski hamajlijski simbol među Bošnjacima koji se može direktno dovesti u vezu sa religijom bosanskih Ilira. Riječ je o drvenoj sjekiri koju su na sljemenu svojih kuća imale mnoge bošnjačke familije duž istočne Bosne, oko Sarajeva, konjičkom i drugim krajevima naše zemlje. Etnolozi pretpostavljaju da je riječ o bojnoj sjekiri, klasičnom oružju koju su ilirski ratnici nosili sa sobom. Ona ih je štitila od napada neprijatelja i omogućavala pobjedu i opstanak te ne treba čuditi da je kao takva postala simbol snage i zaštite.

Hamajlija se često naziva dilbagija, hodžino pismo, kur'an-hamajlija...U našem narodu se nekada vjerovalo kako je prvu hamajliju donio Muhamed sa onog svijeta i proširio je preko hodža i derviša kako bi se ljudi mogli zaštiti od zla. Iako je ta narodna predaja daleko od istine u njoj se može nazrijeti tradicionalno povezivanje svetog sa zaštitničkim. Kod Arapa se pak vjerovalo kako prva hamajlija dolazi od Adema i Have kojoj je Bog darovao, nakon izlaska iz dženeta, hamajliju sa imenima džinova da je čuva od njihovih napada. Tu je hamajliju dosta godina nakon toga,
dok je Hava spavala, ukrala njena kćerka Anak i predala je džinovima u zamjenu za demonsku poslušnost.

U arapskom svijetu od davnina su naročito popularne takozvane "prsten hamajlije" čija praksa izrade i nošenja navodno potječe od Adema i čudesne formule Buduh. Istočnjačka tradicija pripovijeda kako je i sam božiji poslanik Muhamed nosio takav istovjetan prsten.

Bošnjaci su kao narod oduvijek bili skloni nošenju hamajlija od samog rođenja pa sve do smrti. U ranom djetinjstvu hamajlija je trebala dijete zaštititi od urokljivih očiju i bolesti, u mladim danima davala se mladiću kada bi polazio na odsluženje vojnog roka da ga štiti od nesreće, djevojke su je nosile da se zaštite od ljubomore i sihira, trudnice da imaju zdrav porod, muškarci da im svi poslovi idu... Hamajlija se pisala i na kuću, za mir i slogu, protiv dušmana. Bar jednom godišnje hodžino pismo se stavljalo kravi ili volu u rog, konju pod ular, vješala na rodna stabla itd. U Bosni kao i u drugim zemljama gdje žive nearapski muslimani narod je od davnina svaki predmet na kom su se nalazila napisana arapska slova smatrao svetim. Pored Kur'ana bilo koja knjiga na arapskom pismu smatrala se vrijednom poštovanja. Upravo zbog toga i danas nakit donešen sa
Bliskog Istoka sa ispisanim harfovima osim svoje estetske vrijednosti ima i onu profilaktičku te je zbog toga izuzetno cjenjen.

Hamajlija nije uvijek imala svoju pismenu formu već je njena apotropejska moć povezivana sa onim što je naš narod smatrao svetim. Prema predaji pšenica, pčele i ovce su tri dženetska dara ljudima pa je u skladu sa tim realno pretpostaviti da zbog svog porijekla imaju božansku snagu u sebi. Stoga ne čudi legenda o najvećem sinu krajine Muji Hrnjici i njegovoj hamajliji napravljenoj od devet zrna pšenice i ušivenoj na desnoj strani odijela. Ona ga je dugo vremena štitila i činila
nepobjedivim sve dok jedne prilike njegovi hasumi i dušmani nisu otkrili što ga to čini snažnim. Predanje dalje kazuje da mu je hamajlija devet zrna ukradena noć uoči njegove pogibije.

Najčešći naziv za hamajliju među Arapima je tamima mada se koriste i drugi nazivi kao što su hidžab, hamila, hirz ili ahraz, muska itd. Smatra se da je riječ izvorno označava jednu vrstu šljunka koji su arapska plemena vješala djeci oko vrata da ih zaštite od urokljivih očiju, zle
sudbine ili bolesti. U islamu takva je praksa zabranjena i neprihvatljiva obrazlažući to izjavom da u nikakvom predmetu nema snage već je ona isključivo samo kod Allaha. No, ukoliko se sveti tekst Kur'ana prenese na čistu podlogu onda se na takvu praksu zaštite gleda dosta tolerantnije, zapravo, moderni teolozi se slažu da je onda riječ o praktičnoj uporabi svetog sadržaja. Praksa
upotrebe sakralnih tekstova pri izradi hamajlija datira još iz drevnog Egipta. Raznovrsni tekstovi iz Knjige mrtvih bili su tradicionalno sastavni dio pogrebnih hamajlija.

Idući dalje treba navesti staro arapsko vjerovanje da hamajlije sa svojim svetim tekstom ne samo da liječe i štite fizičko tijelo već i dušu pa samim time njihovo nošenje smatra se bogougodnim djelom. Diljem muslimanskog svijeta toleriše se upotreba takvih zaštita pošto njihov sadržaj
nema nikakvih crteža ili znakova izuzev teksta iz Kur'ana koji može biti obogaćanjem samo dodavanjem numerološkog prikaza vrijednosti nekog od 99 Božijih imena (vefk) ili pak imena meleka. Važan segment u propagiranju ovakve prakse ima narodna predaja šiita prema kojoj je i imam Husein nosio oko vrata hamajliju sa ispisanim zadnjim kur'anskim surama. I za Alija se veže slično predanje.

Među Turcima egzistira legenda prema kojem je hazreti Ibrahima spasila od vatre hamajlija. Pošto je progonjen i osuđen od strane cara Nemruda bacanjem u veliku vatru dogodilo se čudo, buktinja ga nije zahvatila niti na ijednom dijelu tijela opekla, što je pred očima naroda izazvalo salvu čuđenja. Međutim, oni nisu znali da je on sve vrijeme uza se nosio hamajliju koja ga je
čuvala od vatre, vode i bilo koje druge opasnosti.

Materijal na koji se nanosi kur'anski tekst ne mora biti isključivo papir već neki dragi ili poludragi kamen poput ahata, oniksa, karnelona, škriljavca ili pak gline, željeza, srebra, zlata, bakra, tankih listića olova, različite tkanine, vojna zastava, koža nerođene gazele, kosti deve, list masline ili smokve, datula, bomboni, kruh itd.Isto tako izuzev šafrana i ružine vodice kao standardnog
sredstva za pisanje koristi se niz drugi sastojaka poput kišnice, med, izvorska voda, sok metvice, bijelo vino, ulje....

Kur'anski tekst zadržava svoje zaštitničko svojstvo bilo gdje da se nanese na čistu površinu pa stoga nije rjedak slučaj da se određeni ajeti ili cijela kratka sura ispišu (urežu) na zidove kuće. Ukoliko se tekst ugravira na zidove tanjura ili neke druge metalne posude onda ona poprima status svete posude koja pomaže u iscjelivanju. Za razliku od pisanja mastilom po površini porculanske zdjele te naknadnog ispiranja vodom napisanog sadržaja posuda sa urezanim formulama i ajetima ne gubi svoju moć i traje sve dok se ne ošteti usred neke nezgode i tako izobliči ili prekine sveti tekst. U muslimanskim zemljama takve posude poznate su pod nazivom tihtab ili kur'an-tas.

Kako bi se pojačala sama djelotvornost hamajlije arapski mudraci su počeli unositi numerološke vrijednosti Allahovih imena kroz vefkove i kombinirati ih sa tekstom. Takva praksa nije se zadržala samo na papiru već se primjenjivala izravno i na odjeću. U 15.stoljeću tako nastaje novi oblik hidžaba nazvan košulja-hamajlija. Danas se zna da postoje četiri vrste košulja hamajlija i to osmanska, sefevidska, mongolska i zapadnoafrička. Košulju-hamajliju nosio je i čuveni Zmaj od Bosne, glasoviti borac za oslobođenje i nezavisnost BiH, Husein-kapetan Gradaščević. U svojoj
knjizi naš čuveni putopisac i novinar Ahmed Bosnić naveo je da se u sarajevskoj trgovačkoj porodici Hadžihasanović dugo vremena čuvala Husein-kapetanova hamajlija: "oni koji su je imali u rukama, tvrde da se radi o izuzetnom malom remek-djelu arapske kaligrafije, ali njene hamajlijske moći i vrijednosti nikada niko nije temeljito procjenjivao".

Smisao hamajlije nije isključivo da čovjeka zaštiti od crne magije i duhova već općenito od svake neugodnosti uključujući u to neprijateljsku propagandu, laž i ogovaranje. Sve ono što bi moglo naštetiti stanju i ugledu pojedinca. Ono što je na našim prostorima jako nepoznata informacija o samoj djelotvornosti hamajlije jeste da osoba koja ju izrađuje, piše, mora imati baraku (božiji blagoslov) koji posjeduju samo moralne i duhovne osobe. Također i samo ponašanje vlasnika hamajlije utječe na njenu učinkovitost, naime, bude li se on odao bludnom životu, konzumirao alkohol ili zalazio u takva mjesta uništit će njenu zaštitničku moć. Osim toga, svaka hamajlija koju bi neki dušmanin tajno probušio iglom prestaje biti djelotvornom jer se tako poremeti red harfova ili sadržaj teksta pa upravo zato njeno nošenje treba biti tajno i bez dopuštanja drugoj osobi da je dodiruje.

Book of all books

The most powerful book about magic ever written that, according to rumours, worries (scars) even the Vatican itself, was written in the 8th century B.C. in Damask by Abdul Alhazred, called the Crazy Arab. The book is named Kitab Al Azif and in direct translation it means “The book of demonic screams”. Evaluating the book on the basis of its content it becomes clear that Alhazrad, when writing the book, used much older scripts dealing with divine powers, global cataclysms and the very history of the Planet Earth. According to this old scripts the Planet Earth has been inhabited, apart from human beings, by other intelligent beings who transferred much of the their knowledge onto humans. Although those beings, the author calls them “the Olds”, left the Earth later, Alhazred thinks that they can be contacted through the magic rituals. Alhazred says that human kind shall expect the return of those beings from other dimensions of reality, on which occasion they shall take the control of the Planet Earth again.

In its later translation to Greek Kitab Al Azif book gets its new name; “Necronomicom” or “the Book of the dead”, sometimes it is translated as the Law of the dead. The book was translated on Latin in 1487 thanks to German priest Olaus Wormius. A couple of years later he has been burnt, along with all the translations, on a bonfire being condemned for heresy. Accidentally or not, he
managed to send a copy to an abbot from Spanheim, certain Johann Tritheimius. This copy is suspected to end up on the shelves of the Vatican library.
According to some data the book contains 300 pages, while an information saying that book contains 800 or even 900 pages may be encountered too (7 tomes in Latin edition). After almost a century the copy of the book appears in Prague; those days the city of the magic; thanks to mentally ill king Rudolph II. There, it ended up in the hands of English mage John K. Thanks to him the book got its English translation.
Even today no one know does anybody possesses the whole content of the book, although the oculists state that the half of its text is contained in other books like; The book of powers by Abdul Kadirov, Magus by Francis Barrett and The keys of King Solomon.

In general, the book was labelled as the product of the evil, ancient scripts say that the book affected badly even the very author who during the time he was writing the book turned from a respectable citizen into a weirdo of mad behaviour. Abdul Alhazred was born in a rich family in Sanaai, Yemen. He was an educated person, scientist and polyglot. He became famous by translating some old scripts that the colleagues of his could not decipher. A part of his life he spent at the very south of Saudi Arabia living ascetic life in the desert. Different legends have been related with the book what makes the Necronomicom even more powerful and interesting. One of those legends is about the death of the author; he was shredded to pieces by an invisible monster in the middle of the day in Mecca.

Idries Shah, the director of Institute for the cultural inquires in London, during the middle of the 20th Century conducted an inquiry throughout the libraries of India, Egypt and Arabia searching the Arabic version of the book. Obviously the quest was successful as today we encounter the information that seven copies of Kitab Al Azif is kept in couple of World known museums, one
of them is London's. Experts agree that if the book Kitab Al Azif is once offered on an auction would reach the highest possible price outbidding all other books.


View from Europe - The Truth about Syria


This page is designed to spread the truth of what is happening in Syria!
We will try to present you a realistic picture from Syria.
Many videos and pictures.





Israhell is genocidal creation!!! Stop terror against Palestinians!!!



Write these seals on three leaves, saying: In the name of .... son of ... for the love of ... daughter of ...

A leaf is then burned every day until all three leaves have been consumed.


Napiši sljedeće pečate na tri lista papira i spali ih vatri govoreći: Dat ćeš ljubav za NN ćerke od NN u srcu od NN sina od NN. Spali svaki dan po jedan list dok sva tri ne budu spaljena.


Ljubavni vefk

      Da bi žena osvojila željenog muškarca džin-hodža joj na čistom komadu zečije kože piše u povoljno vrijeme ovaj vefk, potom kožu zapali a  pepeo se pomješa sa maskarom.


Talisman To Cause Explotion Of Stomach

This hex is very painful for your enemy, Please do not use it for jokes.
If your enemy is too dangerous and threatening your life or family, You may do this method for destroying your enemy, God most high willing.

Step One: At dawn, prepare a chicken egg and inscribe upon the egg the talisman above. Inscribe it while intending and saying your target name.

Step Two: Then burn the egg on a fire till it broke.

God most high willing, The enemy that is threatening your life will be destroyed by God.

Note: Forgiving is better than killing.

Kitab Al-Ajnas Initiation

The Carpet
This is for acquiring the knowledges of kitab Al-Ajnas by Asif Bin Barkhiya.

You inscribe the following names on a clean white fabric or metal, you sit upon the carpet and command the ruhanniyah (spirits) for whatever you wish (it depends on what the spirits is capable of), If you can't acquire such tools then use a piece of pure and clean parchment written on it with ink made of saffron, ink, camphor, musk and rose water. Uponthere you will receive power upon every soul on this world, human and djinn.

You must know that only through practice, it's method and ways, that can make oneself success with any of the following knowledges. While doing so keep your clothes and body clean, try to not to sleep and do not consume non-halal food (such as pork and alcohol). Have awe to your lord, As been said made a carpet out of fabric or parchment upon it your inscribe the names of powers that you wish to acquire (In this post i will mention the supreme conjuration of all Ruhanniyah names). When you conjure the Ruhanniyah you should be in a quiet place free from hustle and bustle or a room/house away from any habitation. Let your retreat last for seven weeks, three weeks or one week (this is the minimum). Whoever wants to accomplish this spiritual excercise should not sleep at night unless you fall asleep at your own by force. You should persist in reciting the conjuration. You should also be in a state of cleanliness by taking ablution wash or holy wash. You will see the Ruhanniyah in your dreams, and later the ruhanniyah will appear to you when you're awake. You should sleep in the day time from midmorning to noon (Do not sleep after midafternoon or dawn). You should ask forgiveness from your Lord and earnestly pray to him (If you're a muslim you should do a repentance prayer). If you wish to employ the khodam (servant) from the angels who in charge of the planets fashion the seal according to the planet glyphs  when the planets on its exaltation (see pages 117 [١١٧]) and let your carpet be suitable to its color and incense. Last thing inscribe the conjuration that you wish to acquire upon the carpet (at the middle) it will be more perfect.

The Method For The Carpet
Inscribe the names upon the carpet just like the picture above, I have also change it into text so that you may see what should be written.

Inscribe This 100 Names At The Front End:
عويل عزريل عمانيل صهصهة صمصيول خيمش ديمش هارش قارش هيدرش خطاف جولي جمنهيش جيد نش قيش مخطاليش هيولا بشعلاش مرداش قيوش اهليل هيبوت هلياوت اوخدي لاحسن صتاصيف اهميلخ طقش شلامين سلام اه واه يه يهو شده شده جبروت جبروت جبريانيل حورا سلكف سلكف سلطاط شلطا مطا مكفكف كف ملكا وباغني باريخ قديشا اهيا شراهيا ابريخ ياريخ عني بريخ بيدلخ بيروخ بسطور النور وإنه لقسم لو تعلمون عظيم بحمعسق ونفخ في الصور فصعق من في السموات ومن في الأرض إلا مَن شاء الله وكل أتوه داخرين بكهطول وملخ براخ بطيشا احماحميثا سبوح قدوس شداي عواليم مصرايم عشعاش مرداش صغرا رمش عواليش طاماغوش هملوقاش صعيراش تنش قطهر قطاميش شعقوش رزيوش عيوش دريوش قيبكاش اش شمالوش عقمايش درمايش درمش الوحى الوحى

Inscribe This 50 Names On The Right Side:
يهليوه كركياط هيور كشيرياوب اهمليم شعيهوش حواليم عبدليم قشريم طوشليم طوشال علشاقش مهراقيش طقلا عقيل هبيد رشوا شقيم رفوش دقياشيم سراخيل دماقير دهيول هو هوصيال قوش مريوش قيوش مارش عفكل شيكل شهاطش يكلاوش كل وش ديوش برخاريش جهه صفيه جودرة مره يويه دراش دمهلاجش طروش كروش حيوم قيوم الها ربا قديسا

Inscribe This 50 Names On The Left Side:
ابا الاها بشعياذ يورطالش مهراقش ميخا طهيش طلش درعاش عشقش ترتيب مراتيل برهيود رقايل برقيل واش لماش طقياش طيمروش هارش لاوش فصص حبرنب هواطيل كلكنوش رهوش اركيوش دالش عولش وارياش بهاش عوش ياعاش ياراش واش واراش وراش نوش نوش صرصرجيا يبرشوش برنيوش دهيوش رذب عيانق مهوارش بهوارش ديوه يوه ماه يولخ

Inscribe This 100 Names At The Back End:
اللهم باسمك فيعوج ديعوج بيعوج شفاها شرليش اوياه برياه دهوه يه يه هايلا شملا ارخيا اياه مركوش روش اشيخ شخيخ شامخ قطيط مطيط سالون عفعش حيف اقش مقش قرايوش دروش بروشا اهيوثا شكشم بكشم رشيم ديوق مالق عليا شم عواقيم مهياليان ثوب ثرثوب ماش قراخ كراخ حيورخ برهيا شمراثا تبراثا مالش جولا طلمخ شلع فقطشلخ مهطيل هطيل مرطيل هطيل يطل طواشخ طليخ حعلخ هيوت هيوت رقشياده هاشا لهيا كسا ايقشان ثبوا ديوه بياصوم ربه دراخ مرهالخ برعاش قراش مارش رادش حادش صيمر همير هثو توغر غوش غرعيوش عاصم قاصم داعش فرعش قلموش قشرعش قيش اوديوش ليكوش جيه جيهه جيولش طهيانه طهورة ارياه ارتياياه قيدول تيارياه رياه دشم دشم مركشم صون يشرا شليم شلامين صاعوق ناعوق لاعج ماعج عجيج بعيج عواديم صرناييم ملاخيم خلاتوق ملاخوق صعجف مواجف خفيف جفجف جرير هايور جايور لطيف قورش قطروش صيرا هوما طقيش طقرش طقاش هيش هرام كبراص دملاص دليص حصيص حيلونش طقمش طواش طهقيش حواه كريد ياصورا حودا ياخان دميلا خان اخان جبرون جيراوون جبراووت جبراووت قرمانش قرمياش مرمينامين علامين العزيا قرقرون ملشيا شيور مشتار سيوخ قدوس سقلوط لاجين صراجين صوامين اركاش ركوش كيموش حماعيوش ابريدق مالاقيم جبراهيم همقاش طواليش عملوش عمقاليش عوديال ديال كرتهوش فيقطوش درش درويوش صهرام عوام صيهيوش طهرام عرام صيهوش

Supreme Conjuration Of All Ruhanniyah الدعوة العظمى لجميع الآرواح (Al-Ajnas Pages 35 [٣٥])

This is for the angels from the Throne and to the stool :

باسم الله الذي قامت بامره السموات وسبحت له الملائكة باختلاف اللغات خلق السماء بقدرته ودحا الارض بارادته وخلق النجوم بحكمته وفجر البحار بمشيئته واستوى على جميع الاضياء بقهره وقدرته ازلي الازل قبل الازمان الغابرة والدهور الداهرة تبارك في جوهريته النورانية العنصرية الازلية واحتجب بقدس الانوار اللاهوتية العلية الازلية الغائبة عن البشرية البرية الثابثة في الاذهان الزكية تباركت وتقدست اسماؤك يارب الذي منك تتنوع حكمة الارواح الروحانية المنفصلة بالقوى العالية تباركت وتقدست اسماؤك وعظم كبرياؤك ولاقادر غيرك ولاقاهر سواك فاني ادعوك باسمائك الحسنى وكلماتك العليا العظمى التي قالت بها لجميع الأشياء كن فكان ما تشاء التي كان لا يلبث لسماعها ارض ولا سماء اسالك ان تسخر لي عبيدك وملائكتك حتى استعين بهم على مايرضيك وانت المستعان .

فاني ادعوكم يامعاشر الارواح الطاهرين المطيعة لله رب العالمين من الملائكة الروحانيين الموكلين بنواصي الجن والشياطين بما اقسم به على السموات والارض فاتت طائعة 
بقدرته بالكلمات العظمى والايات العليا بالله وهو رب الاخرة والاولى وبما نزل به جبريل عليه السلام على سليمان على كافة النبيين والمرسلين.

ياهيا شراهيا ادوناي اصباؤت ال شداي نور النور اه اه تلالا بهاه وياه يا هو يا هو يا هو شليم نمواه نمواه اه هياه صهصها هصهصا هجهجا اه يه يانوخ ياهيه نموه نموه ن وبالاسم الذي اخذ به ربنا كل شيء فخضع وذل وبالاسم المخزون المكنون اهيا شراهيا صصفص صص ادوناي اصباؤت ال شداي رصي الله عنك اجيبوني يا ملائكة ربي يا شمخ شيمخا بالذي ترعدون من مخافته وتخرون صعقا لهيبته العظيمة لابس المهابة الخفي بالكبرياء المكلل بالنور الذي برق خيال بهاء نوره اشرق طور سيناء فانهد وجرى وخرت الملائكة صعقا في الهوى خائفة من سطوة رب السموات العلى طائعة لاسمائه الحسنى وكلماته العظمى وبالاسم الذي لو تكلم به منك الروح لتساقطت رؤوس الملائكة الكروبيين هورين باروخ اشمخ شماخ العالي على كل براخ طنطيش شفش اكراكوك اله قدوس ياذا عوة يا ه ترابخ بخ بعالم طيموثا بطيثا منيعا بشدايد الارعاد طيثا بشمخ قيوما رحمتنا يوثا مايوثا هولاين هلهيثا قظ قط الله الله الواحد القهار هو هو هورص هوغان كبارا وجبار ابيض بيض مايوت جل وعز سلطان شموت شتموت بمصورش صص صمدي هو ميص تهميص صص هو ميصصيا صصمومه هوثاه يافشطليس هو مصصيا هو ملك الارض والسماء اجبني ياميططرون يه يه يه يه يه يه يه بيه اوريال برخيال هوريال شوريال رغشيال هوريال لهفيال برقيال نوريال عشيال غشيال هدريال لهفيال برقيال نوريال عشيال غشيال قلايال عذريال سرخيال تبارك ربنا ما اعز عزه الذي الجم الجان بكلماته لا اله الا هو عجلوا بكاف من كاف وبصاد من صادق اه او هي شوصه شرمه بشطور شطور حمعسق الم المص رب ياجليل الاجل اجبني ياميططرون انت وجميع اعوانك الطاعة لله ولاسمائه

I'm sorry i can't translate this names into phonetic because i'm not really good in arabic language if i translated it  wrongly the conjuration will not be perfect, If any of you is an arabic speaker please kindly translate this name into phonetic, May God bless you!

On the carpet you say the names that has been mentioned which is the Supreme Conjuration Of All Ruhanniyah with the names of the seven firmament planets (see pages 21 [٢١] to 30 [٣٠]) for the names). You recite them at the state i have mentioned. After that all the ruhanniyah will be revealed to you, you will receive your objective in both of this world and the world after. Let your conjuration be for whatever your desire and asking their help againts your enemy, God most high will.

Step One: You should have inscribed the carpet along with the conjuration that you choose (depend on which you would like to acquire)

Step Two: Prepare a clean room or place that is free from hustle and bustle as mentioned before you should do your retreat the minimum is 7 days as mentioned.

Step Three: Always be in a state of cleanliness by taking ablution wash or holy wash, recite the conjuration as many times as you can. As mentioned do not sleep at night unless you fall asleep at your own.

You will see the ruhanniyah and if you wish to conjure them recite the conjuration that is suitable.

Note: Some say that this initiation is really powerful even diamond has no value to this knowledges. Thus if you wish to fly, teleport, shapeshift, bring back the dead to life like how prophet Jesus (Peace be upon him) did, close the sun and even split the moon into half like how prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) has perform miracles it is possible if God will it to happen for you.

Conjuring The King of Jinns


According to Syaikh Ahmad Dairobi, the below ritual is meant for conjuring the King of Jinns.

The Method Is As Follows:
This ritual must be performed at mid-night, in a dark empty room while burning some incense.
The conjurer must be alone.
Recite Surat Al-Jin 100x
Recite the below prayer (from Surat Yasin):
"Bismillahir Rahmmanir Rahiim.
Qul Uuhiya Ilayya Annahus Tama'a Nafarum Minal Jinni Fa Qaaluu Innaa Sami'naa Qur-aanan 'Ajabaa Yahdii Ilar Rusydi Fa Aamannaa Bihii Wa Lan Nusyrika Bi Rabbinaa Ahadaa Wa Annahuu Ta'aalaa Jaddu Rabbinaa Mat Takhadza Shaahibataw Wa Laa Waladaa Wa Annahuu Kaana Yaquulu Safiihunaa 'Alallaahi Syathathaa."

The above prayer must be recited repeatedly until the king of jinns is visible. When the king comes, then recite the below prayer:

"Wa nufikho fish shuuri faidzaa hum minal ajdaatsi ilaa robbihim yansiluun.
Qooluu yaa wailanaa mam ba'atsanaa mim marqodinaa,
haadzaa maa wa'adar rohmaanu wa shodaqol mursaluun.
Ing kaanat illaa shoihataw waahidatan
faidzaa hum jamii'ul ladainaa muhdhoruun.
Wa laqod 'alimatil jinaatu innahum lamuhdhoruun.
Haadzihi jahannamul latii kuntum tuu'aduun.
Ishlauhal yauma bimaa kuntum takfuruun."

Greet the king by saying Assalamu'alaikum and tell him your desires. (You may only ask for one wish) If you asked for money you may need to donate some to the charity.



سال نو مبارک


         My loved Iran – Happy New Year!!!!


God bless President Bashar al-Assad




Hamzaad, Qarin or Karin is a Jinn or astral counterpart which each and every one of us have in the spirit world. Their nature can be positive or negative, depending on the mental state of the human. If the person is more negative, more prone to depression, let downs and laziness then the Karin of that person is negative and will lead that man into vice and problems. Bosnian exorcists believe that Karin is the main culprit behind suicides because thanks to him and his direct effect on the psyche the human decides to go through with such a tragic act.
Karin attacks children the most because they are most vulnerable to their manipulation. It can be concluded how the Karin have more control today over the children who today show no respect towards their parents, they are more prone to foul language, insults and all forms of misconduct. Over such children the Karin has the greatest influence and the consequences of the negative presence of the Jinn are a high rate of juvenile delinquency and crimes in the past decades.
When a Karin sizes control over a child the following symptoms are evident during the night the child starts to move its hands uncontrollably, or even its entire body during sleep or it wakes up suddenly, crying. Sometimes the child is fighting in its sleep and to the onlooker it seems as if it is trying to push something off of itself.
Then come the more evident manifestations of Jinn influence like the fact that during the day the child starts to talk to himself i.e. it seems that way at first however it can at that time see the Karin clearly and has various conversations with it. In the beginning the Jinn calls him to come and play with him in order to get closer to him. During the day the child can only hear the Karin, but during the night it can both see and hear him. The whole time the Karin follows the child and imitates all of his movements and actions.
Karin appears to the child as his twin brother, the only difference between them is that the Karin has a larger head that reaches all the way to the ceiling and six fingers and toes. Karin too like the other Jinn spreads an unpleasant smell around himself, since he doesn't like bathing and cleanliness, and he usually feeds on bones which he searches constantly. This is the only Jinn that isn't afraid of exorcism and the Imam because as an astral twin in the spirit world the Karin cannot be eliminated or removed from the human. That's why he can only be influenced by magical formulas and amulets.


How to conjure Mukhal Abdul Kareem


This Ritual is to be done at night after Isha ( Night Prayer) in a quiet,clean and secluded room, One needs to have 70 incense sticks in one hand and light them and also one needs to have a plate placed in front, In the plate one needs

to put red colour Asian sweets ( Mitai) and red roses without the stem.

In the other hand one needs to have a glass of milk and then make a Hisar ( Protective Circle) and one should recite the Wazeefa below for 4444 times for 41 days.  If the Mukhal appears within the 41 days one will have to continue the

ritual until the 41 days are over then one can speak to the Mukhal. These Mukhals are very powerful and will sort out ones problem of all sorts.


The Wazeefa


عز مت عليکم يا عما يل ا حَ ضُ رَوۡ ا حَ ضُ رَوۡ ا حَ ضُ رَوۡ ا بحرمت حغرت

سليمان عليهااسلم و بدشاہ بکتا نوش بحق سلام قولا من رب رحيم لا اله

الالله محمد رسولا الله صلی اللها عليه وسلم بغير بغير بغير







How to Conjure a Mukhalat (Khadam)

The ritual should always be done facing the Kabba and the

Wazeefa should always be read to precise number no less no more.

Sleep should be little and one must not talk to anyone during

The ritual, One should also always be in a state of purification and

Be sincere and always pray the ritual 5 times a day prayer to Allah.


One should remember that the Hisar (Protective Circle) should be

Big the length should be to ones height. For these rituals to work one must be on the spiritual path as well as being clean from the heart, As we do not take responsibility for

Any one who does these rituals blindly and without some kind of knowledge of Jinns

I have though place these rituals purely for knowledge sake and for interests only, again one who carries out these ritual will be solely responsible for their action.


How to Conjure a Mukhalat (Khadam)


To do this Ritual one must be in a quiet,clean and secluded room and after the Isha (Night Prayer) one must read the Wazeefa below for 3000 times during the Ritual one must be in a Hisar (Protective Circle).

One should also use Loban Incense after 78 days the Mukhalat will be under ones command, One should remember that Mukhalat are very powerful and higher ranked then the Jinns,  They will help in ones life worldly or religious and will carry out ones command in seconds.


عز مت عليکم يا محشرالارواح الجن والا نس بحق حغرت سليمان ابن داود

عليهااسلم احضرو احضرو احضرو يا قوم الااروح حا ضر شو بحق يا حی يا









Hamail For Protection of Home



Stop the Genocide in Palestine!!!

Stop the Genocide  in Palestine!!!



Gaza became the largest concentration camp in the history of mankind which lasts for over 40 years. With the world watching, Israel expelled millions of Palestinians from their homes, continuing their Nazi policy and killing innocent people without regard whether it is a small child, a woman or an old man. For them the Palestinians are a people that need to perish and without a doubt in that regard they are copying Hitler and Nazi Germany- anyone who watches the news will notice that Israel usually kills ten Palestinians, with no regards of the gender or age, for every solider they lose.


Magical Teleportation Sandals

This power is Magnificent, You may travel distance as fast as possible. With this knowledge it is possible to be in different places, cities and countries all in the same day.

The Instruction On Creating The Magical Sandals:

Step One: Take a tiger skins and fashion it into a sandals/shoes. Inscribe upon the sandals the following talisman:

Step Two: If you wish to teleport to distant places, wear the magical sandals and recite the following Quranic verse continuously while visualizing the places where you wish to be, until you reach your destination. Then remove your sandals and cease with the recitation.

The Recitation :
Surah Al-Zumar verse 67
Phonetic: "Wamaa qadarullaaha haqqa qadrihii wal ardhu jamii'an qabdhatuhuu yaumal qiyaamati wassamaau mathwiyyaatun biyamiinihii."

Translation: They have not appraised Allah with true appraisal, while the earth entirely will be [within] His grip on the Day of Resurrection, and the heavens will be folded in His right hand.


Arab witchcraft

Talisman for a Runaway Thief

The name of the thief or the runaway servant is to be written on cloth. The cloth is to be pricked with a nail and nailed to the wall at the scene of the theft or at the place from which the servant has run away. The verse is: To each is a goal to which God turns him; then strive together (as in a race) toward all that is that is good. Wheresoever ye are, God will bring you together. For God hath power over all things. (Surah al-Baqarah : 148)


Zapisi i hamajlije

  Arapska magija najpoznatija je po zapisima i hamajlijama, čudesnim religijsko-magijskim tekstovima, čija je svrha da stimulišu ispunjenje neke realne želje. Postoji nebrojeno velik broj zapisima za različite namjene no najpopularniji su ljubavni zapisi. Njima se na volšeban način potencira spajanje dviju osoba tojest naručioca zapisa i željenog partnera ili partnerice. Danas postoji veliki broj takozvanih spravljača zapisa koji površno ili nikako ne poznaju ilm al tilsam ili nauku o spravljanju talismana i hamajlija te zbog svog neznanja šire pogrešnu sliku o ovoj duhovnoj znanosti i općenito o okultizmu.



Iako duhovna pravila naglašavaju tajnovitost u radu, što manje otkrivanja pojedinosti, i generalno skromnost pri informisanju širih masa potrebno je radi kratkog uvida pojasniti bar jedan mali dio te obimne i izrazito mistične grane arapske magije:


-ljubavni zapisi se NE MOGU pisati za svaku želju, tojest za svaku osobu. Prije nego li se krene sa praktičnim radom spravljač zapisa, koji može biti samo muškog spola, mora provjeriti da li zvijezde te dvije osobe odgovaraju jedna drugoj. Ukoliko se računanjem i uvidom dođe do podatka da se njihove zvijezde ne podudaraju od tog posla se odustaje. No, ispostavili se da su zvijezde naručioca zapisa i željene osobe u dobrom odnosu onda se može krenuti sa radom.

-ljubavni zapisi se uvijek pišu posebnom olovkom i mastilom. Fotokopirani ili zapis pisan kemijskom olovkom NEMA EFEKAT.

-prije pisanja zapisa spravljač mora obaviti vjerski dio (abdest, klanjanje i izgovaranje nekog Božijeg imena ili dove).

- spravljač zapisa ne smije konzumirati svinjetinu, pušiti, piti alkohol. Isto tako, mora paziti na tjelesnu i duševnu čistoću, ne smije puno razgovarat sa drugim ljudima, ne smije dugovati nikom ništa, mora redovito dijeliti sadaku (milostinju), itd.






Bosnian prophecy 1

During the last decade of the 20th century many astrologers were announcing the coming of the age of Aquarius which should bring peace and advancement to humanity and it should forever close the doors on the dark age of the Pisces which was full of wars and misfortunes. Entering the 21st century and the long awaited era of Aquarius nothing has changed, on the contrary the whole world entered an even bleaker and negative era. What do the old Bosnian prophecies say about all of this?

Genocide in Srebrenica

All of the prophecies coming from the Bosnian people are of an oral character, they were recited traditionally as a warning from the elders to the younger generations. It is interesting that they are full of negative predictions which talk about accidents, wars, misfortunes. They never determine the time of any of the events, however it can be easily discovered by analysis. The most interesting predictions are those that deal with the Bosnian people. An old Imam from Velika Kladuša foretold during the 70's "the rule of a Woman Jinn which is more wicked than the Male Jinn"- "When the female Jinn starts ruling, said the old Imam, our people will disperse around the world, and we will long to see each other!"

Aggression on Bosnia and Herzegovina (1992-1995) from Serbia and Montenegro which culminated with the genocide on the Bosniaks in Srebrenica forced millions of people to abandon their homes and try their luck in other countries. Another harbinger of the war is the sentence "When the world becomes red, horrible times will await Bosnia!" In this sentence the symbolic term "red" means when the roofs of the houses become red (red bricks). The economic boom in Bosnia which took place during the second half of the past decade enabled the building of better houses and it also changed and upgraded the way houses were built.

"Neighbours will start hating each others, brothers will hate each others, there will be no shame, children will be giving birth to children", foretold the great prophecies announcing the coming of a great hatred whose consequences could have been seen in the media that reported of the great atrocities that the Serbian army undertook throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The second part of the prophecy dealt with the moral debasement of the human race, the rise of juvenile delinquency, crime, no moral role models.

Judgement day or nuclear war?

Today the folk wisdom claims that the world is "cleansed" every 40 years, i.e. there is a big war or a disaster that sweeps away millions of human lives. And this will continue until judgment day. According to the predictions of the people, "40 years before the judgement day three heavenly gifts will disappear from the Earth- bees, sheep and wheat!" The description of the last day on Earth, or the world as we know it are summed up in the following dramatic sentences: "A multitude of hot stones will fall on the Earth and it will melt and scorch its surface." We can forebode that here we are dealing with a nuclear disaster or another disaster that will afflict the Earth because the Bosnian prophecy continues with the following words: "Not all people will perish, from this disaster new people will emerge, shorter and instead of two eyes they will only have one. Because the sun will beat down mercilessly these people will run underground where they will have some peace and quite." By interpreting these omens we can reach a conclusion that people could suffer some sort of radiation because of some sort of disaster and that their bodies could mutate or evolve into a different and deformed form. The prophecy also foretells our future that will take place in underground cities whose blueprints and plans are already among us.


Bosnian prophecy 2

The collapse of capitalism, recession, headless wars in the Middle East, rise of China, Europe weakening, are only some of the signs of the coming of a new age in which the domination of western states ends and new world leaders emerge.


China- rulers of the world

According to the prophecies of the 20th century in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Bosnian people claimed that the "yellow ants" (Chinese) will rule in the 21st century. According to that prophecy in the 20th century the white race (white ants) was supposed to rule, which was reflected in the rule of USSR and USA. As we know USSR vanished begining 90's of the previous century. Judging by the claims of the elderly Bosniaks the time of American domination is at its end, and it is clearly shown in the last turbulent decade in which the USA led by two disastrous presidents, Bush and Obama, made a lot of bad judgments and actions, whose repercussions are being felt now.




Iran- military power


The USA, in the last 10 years, created an ideal environment that promoted Iran into a single military and nuclear power in the Middle East. Attacking Iraq, the USA weakened Iran's greatest adversary. Today Iraq is a country doomed to internal division and military and economic powerlessness. Attacking Afghanistan, a traditional ally of Iran, made things even worse and convinced the Afghan people that Taliban's are the best solution that they have at their disposal. The Taliban are objectively the only victors in this war. Current attempts of the USA and Europe to create a similar scenario in Syria weren't fruitful. With such an attempt the USA made another bad move and created an adversary from a former ally that will certainly seek to ally itself with Iran. All in all they created an ideal environment for the creation of a powerful Shia union that will return Iran on the throne of military power. A similar thing is happening with Egypt. With that, we come to the Islamic prophecy of Israel's final destruction whose end was announced. "Israel will exist for 70 years and then it will be destroyed by Allah's will", claims the old prophecy. With that the Middle East would be finally free of the culprit that created all the unrest in that part of the world.


USA politic:Pay and kill


As is known the USA is a country that functions on the principle of its own self interest. The country that has enough money to pay for their protection and propaganda like Israel and Saudi Arabia will be spared of their 'democratic' judgment. Even though Israel has been committing horrible crimes against Palestine for over 40 years, destroying their houses and enlarging its territory, the "Democratic USA" has been blind to this fact because of all the money that the Jews are making for them. Every word that the American president utters in Israel's defence is well paid and probably costs several millions.

The second example is Saudi Arabia which is also a large treasury, and as long as the royal family keeps buying the USA off, none of the American politicians will utter one word against violation of human rights or religious fanaticism. The third example is Turkey. As long as it is serving the interests of USA and NATO it is allowed to wage its war against the Kurd population just like Israel is allowed to wage war against Palestine.




Free download - Bosnian sorcery and fortune telling


I am a Jinn

In the Bosnian rituals of black magic another powerful way of destroying your enemies is known using živa or mercury (quicksilver or hydrargyrum) which can be found in Romania and Bulgaria. The belief in the magical power of mercury stretches all the way to Iran where mercury was prepared in a special way. The word mercury comes from the Persian verb "Ji" which means to live and it is also used by the Arabs and South Slavs.

When someone wants to get revenge on his enemy and place the burden of disease or some other evil onto him, he needs to get a hold of some mercury that he then carries to the Imam who will utter specific prayers and curses onto it. When the mercury is processed in such a way, it is then ready for usage. At midnight the person that will send the mercury (živa) will suddenly tale off his or her clothes and walk outside into the yard, and take some dirt or dung and places it into his/her mouth. Then the one needs to stand on one leg and utter: "I am a Jinn, I am standing on one leg..." Then the drop of mercury is placed on the ground and apparently the drop will head in the direction of the person whose name was uttered.

According to the beliefs, živa moves only during the night while it stands still during the day. While it may take several days for the mercury to reach its victim, it will not be stopped in its intent. If the victim spots the mercury shining in the dark of his/her room the person can save himself/herself by peeing on the mercury, that way the mercury loses all of its power. However if the person swallows the mercury it will suddenly fall ill and in a very short period die if he is not helped.


Zombie the Bosnian way

In the practice of black magic in Bosnia a dominant spot is held by props that are connected to dead people i.e. the one's used during religious washing of the dead person such as soaps or dirty water. Many witches use this dirty water to concoct spells which can be used to destroy a person or to turn that person into a zombie, in a Bosnian way. Namely, the witch (sihirbaza) secretly collects the drops of water from a dead person and uses them for various religious rituals, among them the most famous one is love obsession. When a witch wants to make one person fall in love with another, the witch will put a few drops of the dirty water gathered from a dead man into that persons drink (water or some other type of drink). According to the testimony of witches a black Jinn enters the humans body with that water which possesses the human and makes him/her obedient to the witches wishes. The spell is very powerful and can only be neutralised by the caster of the spell.

Besides stealing water from the dead body, many witches will try anything to get hold of the soap that was used for the washing. In the past such a soap was paid in gold because it was believed that it possessed tremendous magical power. The soap was especially potent in driving away unwanted marriage proposals. A mother that didn't get along with her daughters marriage partner would try and get her daughter to wash her face with such a soap which would literally cause all of the love emotions that her daughter has for the fiance to die instantly. Beside love spells the soap was also used to treat various skin diseases.

In forging spells the hair and nails of the dead person were also utilised. It is believed that a lock of hair from a dead boy or girl that is placed under the pillow of a married couple who are having marital problems will bring peace and unity in that home. The hair of a dead person was sometimes ground and placed inside the food of the person that the witch wanted to destroy.


Arabic love charms

-It is done during the beginning of the month. Take at an incense burner when you are alone. Incense with blue mukul and conjure with the following names twenty-one times. It is this evocation:
Faltayoosh x2
Tootoosh x2
Tahroosh x2
Wahsh x2
Halash x2
Danhash x2
Hurry x2, Quickly x2, This instant x2. Be charged O servants of these names with bringing N. to N.


-On Thursday you write the following and burn it a brazier: „Sataf (x2), Barmatoof (x2), Ghatoof (x2), Bin 'Atoof (x2). Make N. fall in love with N. Such that she can neither eat nor sleep. Seize her and kindle a fire in her vagina that can only by extinguished by semen from the penis N.“ You wil see amazing things.

-Write the following on a piece of white paper and carry it with you: „In the name of Allah, Most Merciful and Gracious. Hooqash (x2), Hooqish (x2), Khantarish (x2), Ashqamarish (x2), Atayoosh (x2). Be commissioned, O Mighty aide, O servant of the noble al-Fatihah, to cause fall in love with N. Hurry (x2)! Quickly (x2)! This instant (x2)! God bless you.

-Write the following on an unfired potsherd, though it is better to use an article of the target's clothing if available: „Rakif (x2), Barahiya (x2), Jalahitha (x2), Jamjamish (x2), Jamish (x2), Zajara (x2). By Him who opened your ears and eyes and created you from the fire of a scorching wind. Hasten before wrath in sent upon you, by Tarmoos, by the Power that al-Aziz having seen, he said: „I know that Allah has power over all things“, by the Power that He having sent to Mary, there appeared before her the likeness of a perfect man. Answer, O Shahir, and you, O Mashoor and Hasan and Muhsin and Aboo al-Wahim, and Maymoon, and be commissioned to make N. fall in love with N. by the right of Allah's power. Hurry (x2)! Quickly (x2)! This instant (x2)!
Ignite the potsherd or clothing with oil and tar.

- If you wish to attract someone, then do as follows: Boil an egg. Remove its shell. Write the following on the egg: „Whenever they kindle a fire for war' it is kindled in the heart of the love of N.“ Cut the egg while saying the names of both the target and his/her mother. Feed one half of the egg a black dog and the other half to a black cat.

-Write the following on three pieces of paper and burn one each night: „Tarash (x3), Tarayoosh (x3), Qayoosh (x3), Shaloosh (x3), Moosh (x3), Yarash (x3), Shalash (x3). Hurry, Quickly! This instant! Be commissioned, O spirits of these names, and make N. fall in love with N., by the right these names have over you“. The incense is the usual.

-Write it and carry in with you as a charm. It is as follows: „Ashazanoosh, Kaqaytayoosh, Dabarawish, Qayoosh, Qanoosh, Shajkayoosh, Haboosh, Taqtaqoosh. Be commissioned, O servants of these names and attract the heart of N. Hurry! Quickly! This instant! God bless you“.
The incense is sandalwood, camphor, bdelium, and Indian aloes wood.




PLANET                   JINN KINGS          MEANING

SHAMS                      Al-Mazhab         The Golden One
QAMAR                      Al-Abyad                The White One
MERRIKH                   Al-Ahmar              The Red One
OTAARED                   Burqan                 Two Thunders
MOSHTARI                 Shamurash             N/A
ZUHRA                         Zawba'ah              Cyclone
KEVAN                         Maymon               Prosperous

Each of these is said to have many children and is called after the most prominent child. This is a common Arabic practice. If the eldest son of Abudullah is Ahmad, then they would call you Abdullah, Father is Ahmad. The word father in Arabic is Abba and the name for son is Bin.
Maymon is known as Maymon Abba Nuch, which means that his son is Nuch bin Maymon. This is important to know since there are many jinn with the name Maymon. So, when calling the jinn king of Kevan (Saturn) we have to identify him specifically with full title Maymon Abba Nuch.


This is importnant, as resident jinn may well interfere with the operation in any way they can. You may feel like you are tugging through a wall of resistance or that something is blocking full success. This is usually the work of resident jinn, who may object to having other beings invited into their area. Certain jinn and all angelic (malaic) beings can be too much for the residents to handle, causing them unwarranted discomfort, based on their own alignment. You should release the residents to limit potential conflict and as a courtesy to them. Additionally, the release will force negative or hostile residents our from you sphere. You should almost feel like the room got empty beyond empty, as if something that you were used to being there is now gone. The jinn king that resides over resident jinn is know an Taresh. He should be summoned to remove any stubborn residents. The following traditional release has been preserved in the writing of a number of medival Arabic books, including the famed work of Al-Buni. It should be recited three times or multiples of three for effective resident release.
“Does not the stern admonition have cutters?”They said yes, for it was looming like flames. I answered them , “With what do I say and start?”. They said , “With the rememberance of the Creator of Cosmos,”. Byaresh Baayaresh Bahiaresh, August is the Absolute Ruler, The revealer of the Quran; Jibriel, descend upon the Pleiades, quickly; Call upon Hayot, the kindler of the flames,Call upon Sayut with Tayot; His magnificent lights loom upon the human being ; In His name, make haste with the departure, Until I complete my aim ; then return safely;By the majesty of God get up quickly, By the light of Deea‘aoj I let loose the reins, Tahsha Shaqon , his lights remain, Appearing upon the reciter, everywhere; Agla Glyhun Ghlahun. Unto him are all affairs , existing in existence; I swear an oath by the glory of Batahash, And Batahashlan, whose mention is supreme; He is Ashmch Shmach, Our exalted Lord upon all Barach ; His benevolence enriched me ;Gabriel descend quickly to my evocation. For the departure of the Jinn inhabitants and residents ; With the beauty of our magnifi cent custodian and whomever He has, Be bountiful with charity upon who recites,The glorious, the compeller, who is single, but remains. Exalted and purifi ed from duality; By the sanctity of the light whom You have called, And upon him you brought down the Quran; O resident Jinn hurry and depart by permission of The One who made you , o thou, from the fires; He is my creator; He is my maker and conceiver; He is generous with pardon and forgiveness; I swear by God, if you disobey me, o resident Jinn, Jibriel will repay you with fires; Prayers on the prophets of light and their hosts,The hosts of guidance, bestowal and charity, By their rights and their love , depart, o resident.


Blessed Rebuke

The invocation of the kings of the jinn is included in my invocation. And I, for the second time, invoke them by this Rebuke. So hurry, answer me, by the awe of the Almighty. God who is exalted in glory, the King, the Enduring. The Magnificent, the All-Wise, the Giver of Blessings, the Bestower of Favors. His is the command and direction. He remains exalted. Answer me, O children of the jinn, all of you. By the authority of the lights and glows of the awe. By the power of the Overpowering; by the awe of the Glorius, the Exalter, the Debaser, the King, the Possessor of Absolute Sovereignty. The Guide, Hallowed is my Lord. He has neither partner nor Son. Exalted is He, the Possessor of Absolute Sovereignty, the Enduring. By Hahlayooh, Shamkhaloosh, Tatarish. By Him who created you from a scorching wind. Hawamiya. Yah, By Yahoo, make haste! Hurry. By the obedience of Metatron, Allahu akbar!  La ilahe illallah, by Him for whom is superiority. His superiority is over all things. Answer! Answer by Al Shaddi Shamlakh. By Ankir, Hoorin, Ashmakh, and A'aliya. By Ashmakh, Shamakh, Most High; by Haltaf, Shati and Ashmatoon and by the Covenant in its totality.


By the rebuke of the most high ehieh asher ehieh
And the shining light of adonai sabaoth
To attract the tahatil servants I am calling
By the light and you of el shaddai
Accept the charge and be brought to this place.
Reply, O Mudhib; to duty, Murra!
Obligation, O Ahmar, Burqan and Shamhurish.
Come Zuba'a and be present, Mimun
All of you to serve (my) intent and desire
By the light of leltahtil, I hope for you presence
By the secret of mahtahtil, clearly illumined
By the honor of qahtitil, like a shooting star.
By the force of fahtitil, I start calling
By the light of nahahtatil, fulfill my needs
Then by the high secret of jahlatatil
And by lakhatatil, hurry to this assembly,
By right of lamaqfanjal, that high secret
Accept all, and do what I demand of you
Answer the tahatil command!



If you have tried to conjure and evoke genies or jinns  in the past without any success, then you should first empower yourself with this rite. If you are successful with this rite you would be magickally empowered and surely have more success conjuring genies and spirits without too much effort.
Method: fast from dawn to dusk for 9 days. During non-fasting hours, do not eat any meat or animal products. The fasting  should begin on the first Sunday of the arabic month (Islamic calendar). During the 9-days, recite the prayer verse below for 900x after every obligatory prayer:
Wakadzaalika nurii Ibrahiima malakuutas samaawaati wal ardhi waliyakuuna minalmuuqiniin.
The operation above should take place in a quiet, clean retreat. If this rite is done seriously and with all sincerity, on the last night you may find a reddish-orange mark about the size of a coin and your hand. This mark may or may not appear – but the result is the same – you will have been empowered to easily conjure and evoke spirits and genies.



On Wednesday night you recite these names three thousand times while burning frankincense, benzoin, mastic, coriander, and date heads: Ahoosh, Mahoosh, Lahayoosh.



If you would like to contact malaiks do the following:
-Fast for three days from dawn to dusk, starting on a Tuesday and ending on Thursday.
-During the three-day fast, after each of the 5 obligatory prayers, recite the following 4277 times: „As-Salaamu, As-samii'a, As-sarii'u“
If it pleases Allah, you will establish a contact with malaiks presences on the last night.



To acquire information on occult subjects or things unperceived by the physical senses or awareness, recite the following verse 100x every day for 40 days after every one of the 5 obligatory prayers. On the 40th day, if it pleases Allah, the khodam of the verse would appear and inform you of the things that you need to know. The verse to be recited:
„Al'aliimul wahhaabu saaruuhin 'ailaathin naudin“ 100x


If you want to do any spell at night, then mention its servants. As if the nights say after the release of the inhabitant: „Come, O N., servant of this night and do (state your need)“. Call him with his name.


Sunday: Da'wan
Monday: Kharash
Tuesday: Khansar
Wednesday: Ham'il
Thursday: Shamradal
Friday: Manyail
Saturday: Sham'oon

-This is its evocation recited one thousand times with every kind of spell: Bataltahish



To heal someone affected by psychic attack or black magick, do the following:
-Have at hand 3 packets of salt.
-Recite over the salt the following mantric verse 66 times: „Mazjalin Bazjanil“.
-Place the salt in a large vessel of water.
Then have the patient use this water to shower. Do this everyday for a week.                               


Section on sending a messenger that has come to you

You stay up half the night of Friday night. You do the ablution and pray two prostrations for God, the Exalted. Sit in your prayer room and recite the verse till the end of the Surah thirty times. Then say the blessings on the prophet one hundred times. Then say: „O Divine One fill N.with love toward me until he comes to me prostrating and debased and seeks reconciliation without delay. Now! Quickly! This instant!






On Tuesday, write the following on a red piece of paper, place it in a Persian jug, seal it with Alexandrian wax, and then throw in in a canal flowing eastward.

Say: „By the right which they possess over you. Answer, O Ahmar, you and your servants and aides, and make the genitalia of N. hemorrhage. Hurry! Quickly! At once!


Real Jinn story from Bosnia

This is the story one of our readers Edin from Sarajevo in Bosnia have sent about his experience with a Jinn.

I am 35 years old and born and raised in Bosnia by muslim parents.
I do not practice islam as much as i would like to, mostly for lazy reasons, however i really do believe in islam and everything it says in the quran.
The following experience have led me closer to Islam, since the Quran confirms the creature i´ve seen…the Jinn.

One day I was on my way home from work and I ran to take the bus home.
On the bus there was a man with two different eye colours, one was blue and the other one was brown or brownish.
He kept looking at me, and didnt even blink his eyes. I sat behind him, and i saw that he was looking at me through the reflection of the bus window.

I tried to ignore him, since i thought he is crazy or something. But on the next bus station a woman walked into the bus and sat down almost on the same seat as the man, without doing any efford of not stepping on the man, as if he wasnt there. Very rude indeed, and i was thinking .., look..the woman dares doing what i didnt dare.

Suddenly the man laughed, and said: – yes because you´re a coward.

I told him: – excuse me? the woman turned and looked at me, and i told her:

– no no,,, i didnt mean you, i meant him.

She gave me a weird look, as if im crazy. Anyway, i tried to ignore him, but kind of hard when he was sitting next to me (infront of me) and i saw his back all the time.
When i was writing an text message on my mobile phone to my girlfriend about this weird man, i suddenly saw another old woman who went to sit infront of me. I raised my eyes, and saw two women sitting there. The man was gone! I SWEAR i did not see him stand up or walk away.

I asked the woman sitting next to him (the one that thought i told her…”excuse me”) – did the strange man jump off on the previous bus station?

And she told me, VERY RUDELY: – are you drunk?

This must have been a Jinn, right? I heard they appear as animals and humans and suddenly vanishes mostly without causing anything, just messing with our minds?



China Exposes Global Media Conspiracy against Syria

An American company is currently working on the production of the hugest cinematic operation, namely "Resounding Fall"
A fake cinematic operation to serve political agendas.
The scenes being executed include normal sized models of the Republic Palace, Qasyoun Mount, Damascus International Airport, Al Abbassiyeen Stadium, National Leadership building, the Umayyad and Abbasids squares, Sabee Bahrat square, Al Assad Library, the President Bridge and other main sites in Damascus.
In addition to Al Dmeir military airport and a farm owned by one of the leading officers. These will all be used to shoot "true" scenes of the "regime's fall" scenario.
The project also includes scenes of the "defection" of a some leading officers and politicians in Syria. Famous actors are participating in this movie, while producers are working on the design of some officers using 3D technology.
The funding of the project reached 36 billion US dollars, paid by Qatar, Saudia, Oman, Egypt and Tunisia.
Broadcasting these scenes is to be synchronized with cutting off the frequencies of all Syrian satellite channels. And those supporting Syria in Lebanon and Iran, all withing an escalating political plan expected to be executed before mid August 2012.


Hirz against evil eye

Unlike sorcery, the evil eye is immaterial. It is the psychic power to cause injury to health and property emanating from the eyes. The main cause of the evil eye is envy. Prophylactic protection against the destructive force of an envious look is often self - administered. Some acts become routine, like the recitation of the protective Qur'anic Sura before sleep (S. 113: 1-5), showing an open palm as people do when pictures are taken, or saying "five (fingers) in your eye ' (kamsa fi ainik) or or another prophylactic phrase. Other acts are performed for vulnerable persons in life crises. Babies, boys being circumcized, brides and grooms are provided with amulets consisting of little bags of salt, cowry shells, a little hand (kamsa), or a piece of gold.

Write the following amulet and to hang by the neck:


Tilsam for love

The following taweez is based on the following Ayat:


Christianity is based on Persian Philosophy of Mitraism!

The complete philosophy, doctrine and base for Christianity has been borrowed from the ancient Persian Philosophy of Mitraism (Mithraism.) According to Persian Mythology, Goddess Anahita is the Immaculate Virgin Mother of Goddess Mitra. Christians practically borrowed their doctrine and Holy Scriptures from Ancient Persian Mythology. Christian Church and scholars only changed the Divine Persian names to Christian names! They named "Anahita" as their Virgin Mary and they named "Mitra" as their Jesus Christ! The bases for the Christian Doctrine and writings in many versions of Bible, written by Christian Scholars and Saints has been practically borrowed (Stolen) material from Persian Mythology and Mithraism! This is documented history. So basically Christianity stole its doctrine from Persians. Later on Mohammed (Islam) stole his complete doctrine from bits and pieces of Torah (Jewish Holy Book) and Bible (Christian Holy Book)! For instance, various prayers, fasting, Allowed and Forbidden foods, scriptures, holy events, biblical history and other documents in Islam were all stolen from Judaism and Christianity. Now if you search for all the roots of everything, even mono thesis, it comes from Persian Doctrines of Mithraism, Vedaiism and Zoroastrianism. It all goes back to Persian Philosophies! Why do majority of public not know all this? Because the public has no clue about history. They do not even know what they had for supper a few nights ago! Yes my friends, It all goes back to Persian Philosophies!

* Mitra was the daughter of the virgin Goddess Anahita.
* Jesus was the son of the virgin mother Mary!

* Mitra was born on December 25th.
* Jesus was born on December 25th.

* Mitraists were having bread and wine at Mitraist Temples.
* Christians are having bread and wine at communions in churches!

And many more similarities…

So what are they? Coincidences or thieveries? The whole Bible is copy/pasted!

Does direct copy/pasting of the Persian Philosophy of Mitraism sounds familiar?
Christianity is not a religion, yet it is a storybook made for adults. Even this storybook is not an original, yet a fake one, copied from the Persian Philosophy of Mitraism!

After reading this research, it will be all clear to you of how primarily Christianity and then Islam copy/pasted much of their holy books from ancient Persian philosophies of Mithraism, Vedaiism and Zoroastrianism!

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Periods of Iranian History

Before we begin, we must set a timetable on history of Iran. If we divide the Iranian 8000 years old history in to 8 sections. The most logical table will be such as this:

"The Periods of Iranian History" Table

1. Ancient Civilizations (Pre Vedai) Era: 6000 BC - 2000 BC
2. Vedai Era: 2000 BC - 850 BC
3. Pre-Avesta Era: 850 BC - 728 BC
4. The Kingdom Era: 728 BC - 559 BC
5. The First Imperial Era: 559 BC - 651 AD
6. The First AIOG (Arabo-Islamic Occupational Government) Era: 651 AD - 873 AD
7. The Second Imperial Era: 873 AD - 1979 AD
8. The Second AIOG (Arabo-Islamic Occupational Government) Era: 1979 AD - present

Now that we are aware of these time periods, then we can move on to our main subject. When introducing various Persian Gods, Goddesses and other Mythical Figures, I will be naming certain periods, which they belong to. Persian Gods and Goddesses distribute along 8000 years of Iranian history from Pre Vedai Era all the way to The First Imperial Era and beyond. By understanding the above timetable, you are now armed with the weapon of knowing your time frames. Now we shall begin the main subject.


Knot magic

The expression of «binding» takes us back to the probably oldest branch of Arabic magic where the use of knots play an important role.

Knot magic is another form of magical control Arabs believe in. For instance, a male sexual dysfunction may be regarded as being caused by a jealous woman who wants to destroy a marriage, thus knotting the husband.

This next spell is for women only involves the use of a piece of string. This spell originates from the Yemen and is mentioned in the Quran. Obtain a piece of string and tie nine knots. Whilst tying the knots repeat the spell:

An-nus....(name of man concerned) Iya budu. Amin


According to lore, the prophet believed at one time that he was suffering from a spell of bewitchment cast by a man whose daughters tied the spell into a cord with 11 knots and hid the cord in a well. Muhammad fell seriously ill. God sent the malaik Jibriel with these two suras and instructed him to teach Mohammad how to use them and where to find the cord. The prophet recited over the 11 knots the 11 verses of the two chapters [the basmalah of sura 114 is not counted within this story as a verse]. At the end of each recital one knot was untied by an unseen power. As soon as all the knots were loosened the prophet was freed from his serious illness.”

 The suras of refuge are also described as being widely used in protective magic.


Jews - evil of this world



Summoning Jinn

Take the muslin and paint on it magical fi gures; then roll it very tight into a wick for the oil lamp. These figures are:

Note: The first letter at the top-right and the fi fth letter to its left may look similar, but are actually two different letters.


Make sure you are in a secluded room with no light other than the lamp. Place the magical tablet in the center of your working area. On the red candle, write the names of  Micail and Mazer. On the blue candle, write the names of the malaik Jabriel and Kamtam. On the white candle, write the names of Israfil and Qaswarah. On the green or black candle, inscribe the names of Azrail and Taykal. Place the four candles on their respective four corners on the tablet. Light the candles and the lamp and burn some sweet incense that contains cilantro.


STEP ONE: Recite the Ayatul Kursi seven times.


STEP TWO: Recite the Berhatiah  at least seven times with the intent of enlisting the aid of the four Elder Kings.


STEP THREE: Recite the following three thousand and four times with a strong and commanding voice: An Ifreet from the Jinn said, ‘I will bring it to you before you get up from your chair and I am upon this task powerful and to be trusted.’ ” Every hundred recitations from the three thousand and four times, intone the following conjuration:


Answer me O Mazer, O Kamtam, O Qaswarah and O Taykal by honor of the Creator of the prophet Sulayman ibn Daut , who was a king of men and jinn. Be friendly to me and send to me from among your rank a spiritual ifreet to help me with my affair, which is (insert it), quickly and peacefully. Answer me by the honor of  Ahin Qaf Adam  Hm Ha'amin and the great and honor  letters Qaf and Nun – Kun! Answer me and let your aid manifest to me (insert goal) quickly, even before I stand up from my seat, for I have sworn an oath over you with the Great Names. Bring (insert goal) about for me, quickly, and set upon this task a powerful and trusted ifreet who fears the Creator. By the honor of the grandiose king and the spiritual malaiks Chabayl, Chaktahyl, Ghatsabayl, Baghthahsajayl, and the Jinn Jafshatysh, Amtahtysh, Dafqghetish, Hafchaghabtish, hurry, O Mazer, O Kamtam, O Qaswarah and O Taykal and send to me who will manifest to me (insert goal) quickly and peacefully. May the blessings of Allah be upon you and within you.


If you need to take a break during the recitation, then say: Excuse me, O spirits and jinn, for I shall return to fi nish this work shortly. Leave things undisturbed and return to your work. Keep track of the count. You may also divide the number of repetitions between seven or fourteen days. It isnt a requirement that it all be done at once or in a single setting. Just remember not to quit the operation or slack off on it. If you start it, then finish it and work on it daily. The jinn will not take you seriously if you cant keep your word or maintain the vigilance for your goal. If you are planning on stretching this operation, dont do any release in the meantime.




Because of the lack of translations of the Arabic occult literature, the western culture knows very little about the facts and origin of many magical symbols which can be found in most of the rituals that are performed today. Most of the symbols that we come across in rituals of various magical schools are of an Egyptian origin and no one should wonder that Egypt has been the cradle of magic and the occult from its early days.

The hexagram or the six-pointed star is an Arabic symbol which was used in the 18th century by the Jewish family Rothschild with the intent of making it a symbol of Judaism calling it the "Star of David". But the origin of the hexagram needs to be found in the ancient Egypt cult of magic and wizardry. That is the reason why we see this symbol in a lot of the Arabic talismans and amulets.


Sihiri drevnog Istoka

U skoro svim knjigama arapske magije opisane su na desetine a ponekad i cijela poglavlja recepata kako se rade ljubavni sihiri  i tilsumi. Ono što je posebno karakteristično za takve tekstove jesu česta upozorenja autora čitaocu da se plaši Allaha i ne upotrebljava ponuđene tajne za ostvarenje zlih ciljeva. Neki od autora čak sugeriraju čitaocu koja je od opisanih čarolija najjača pa tako Ibnil Hadž Tilmisanil u svojoj knjizi Šemsel anwaar otkriva najmoćniju vradžinu sa kojom se može pridobiti ljubav nekog muškarca ili žene. Za tu priliku potrebno je u ponoć, kada je zodijački znak Rak dominantan, krvlju goluba napisati tilsum i zatim ga okaditi sa krvlju mrtve ptice. Prije toga mag mora uhvatiti  jarebicu i držati je u kavezu sve dok ne dođe utorak i sat Marsa. Tada on tilsum zaveže ptici na desno krilo i oslobodi je. Prema pisanju Ibnil Hadž Tilmisanil-a ova magija je toliko jaka da od nje ciljana osoba može psihički oboljeti.

Tilsumi uz praksu vezivanja čvorova najzastupljeniji su oblici ljubavne magije kod Arapa. Većina svih navedeni obreda praktikuje se prema drevnim pravilima bliskoistočnog okultizma - uvijek na početku nekog arapskog mjeseca. U zamračenoj sobi ispunjenoj gustim dimom buhura i ostalih mirisa, u potpunoj samoći, mag obučen u bijelu odjeću  piše mastilom od šafrana ili krvlju na papiru tajanstvene znakove i formule koncentrisano ponavljajući imena onih kojima baca čini pozivajući u pomoć nevidljiva bića. Ukoliko se njegova čarolija temelji na pokoravanju džina u cilju ispunjenja neke želje onda se takva čarolija uvjek završava energičnim izjavama  „brzo!“, „odmah!“...

Ako pak čarobnjak priziva Allaha i njegove meleke tada na kraju pisanja talismana blagim glasom punim poštovanja izgovara "ovaj tilsum je za N sina od N" - kaže se ime majke- Allahu, zaduži svoje meleke da ispune moju molbu. Bože ti si sigurno iznad svega, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah. Nema moći ni snage.... U ovom slučaju talisman se ne piše sa krvlju već isključivo "arapskim mastilom" (šafran) ili se napravi posebna tinta od šafrana, mošusa i ružine vode.

Vjerovanje da se vezivanjem čvorova može proizvesti magijski učinak potječe još od stari Babilonaca koji su na taj način liječili bolesti ali i spajali ljubavnike, izazivali impotenciju kod muškarca, etc.  Kako su sva bliskoistočna magijska učenja prožeta drevnim mesopotamijskim elementima ne čudi zašto je takva praksa i danas aktuelna.

Kada se želi izazvati ljubav kod neke osobe uzme se sedam niti svile različitih boja. Sve niti se spoje jedna uz drugu i onda se zaveže sedam čvorova na njima. Prilikom vezanja svakog čvora po sedam puta se izgovore "Mjesečeva imena" i „imena četiri glave“. Naravno, kao i svaka druga magija i ovdje se pazi da se ritual izvede u točno određeno vrijeme kada se Mjesec nalazi u jednom od fiksnih znakova. Nit sa čvorovima se potom zamota u komadić kože od vuka i daje osobi koja želi da bude voljena. U vrlo kratkom roku nosilac tog tilsuma postat će atraktivan osobi koja mu se sviđa i neduga zatim doći će do ostvarenja emotivne veze pune strasti.


Ljubavni tilsum


Napišite sljedeći tekst na čistom listu papira i nosite ga stalno sa sobom: „ Bismilahir rahmanir rahim. Hukaš x2, Hukiš x2, Kantariš x2, Aškamariš x2, Atajuš x2,. Odazovite se, o moćna imena, o sluge plemenite sure Fatihe i učinite da se N. od majke N. zaljubi u mene. Odmah, brzo, ovaj tren. Allah vas blagoslovio!

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