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Own your amulet

If you wish to own an amulet with which you will be protected from negative energy you can order it here. It is necessary to send the following data:

Name and surname ........

Date of birth ...........

Name of both parents ..........

Based on your data the analysis of the destiny is done in order to determine which citation and prayer from the Qur'an, symbols and signs suit your spiritual profile and based on the acquired information the amulet will be created. To have the amulet delivered one can expect to wait between 15 and 45 days. The price of the amulet is 50€ or 100$

In order to pay, you can use paypal, in the following manner:

For now the only activated option is to order an amulet, in a short while the option for talismans will be activated and also method for revealing of destiny called "opening of the starts". You will be notified of everything.


Arabic magic السحر العربي
22/02/2015 06:18