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Ibrahim Tutmić

In village Orahovica, 30 kilometres from Zenica lives Imam Ibrahim Tumić who became famous thanks to his spiritual work. It was the end of April 1989 when I first spoke to Ibrahim. In front of his house, as usual, there were a lot of people. When he heard that I was a reporter, he refused to talk to me initially. He had bad experience with some of the reporters. He also added: "When one is often discussed, his enemies multiply." Ibrahim says about himself that he heals "diseases of the soul". No one is immune to them anymore, therefore there is a wide spectrum of people of differing professions, age, and places where they live...

-Son, I don't discriminate, who comes, he is welcome. It's my duty to try and help him. Whether he is rich or poor, educated or illiterate - is least important. I didn't mind people from other religions visiting me, and strangers from distant lands came as well. God is one, only the people give him different names in different countries.

Among the diseases which Imam Ibrahim Tutmić heals, the most severe one is impotence, caused by mental illnesses. With such cases, he says, he has a lot of issues. Healing is difficult, but in the end results will follow. -I was recently visited by a young man from Osijek whom I helped to solve this issue. He got married, but for almost a year he was unable to perform his marital duties. He suffered mightily because of it, he began to deteriorate. His marriage was in a big crisis. When he first came to see me, he didn't believe me much that I would help him, but he came at the urging of his friends. This incredulity made my job much harder. I talked to him for a long time, gave him inscriptions and instructed him how to use them. He came three or four times. Nevertheless, he is cured now. He wrote to me a couple of times and thanked me.

Case of Jasmin D. From Prijedor belongs to those especially interesting cases. This ten year old boy suffered from epilepsy. Here we need to mention a few things about this disease, since Jasmin's case belonged among those where epilepsy cannot be cured by official medical treatments. Namely, it is a disease which is manifested by periodic attacks caused by uncontrollable discharge of electrical energy in brain cells. According to research, among 50% of patients one can find the main cause of the disease, and among the others one cannot find any special cause. Jasmin's case fell into this other category.

Needless to say that his parents invested effort and time to take him to various medical institutions and to many individuals, mostly to bioenergy practitioners for which they heard that they could be helpful. Yet, in the end the man that helped him was Imam Tutmić. After a dozen visits, the attacks were less frequent, and then they vanished. In the last few months Jasmin didn't have issues with his dangerous disease, and according to all signs it will remain permanent.

A man that was present during my talk with Imam Ibrahim Tutmić, who happened to be visiting him, joined the conversation with the intent of telling us an interesting event which he witnessed in this house (for obvious reasons I'm not mentioning his name in the text). A young woman which came to the Imam because of unbearable psycho-neuroses which tortured her for some time, was cured after only one treatment. But, while the healing lasted and while Ibrahim expelled sihre out of her, all items fell from a nearby table, even though there was no physical contact with the table. All those that were present in the room were confused and even Imam Tutmić which - as he says - he didn't have similar cases, though he heard that similar occurrences took place among other Imam's.

While we talked, the room was constantly visited by his patients, some asked if they will be received that day, while others sought advice whether to follow the Imam's instructions further because they feel better. Some of the new visitors seemed "lost" - they repeated the same questions a few times and always asked additional explanations, though there was no need for it.

Ibrahim has a lot of patience for all of them. -One needs to be patient with people. Especially when we are dealing with people who have issues like the ones that visit me. Diseases of the soul are often more difficult from many physical ailments - say Imam Tutmić.

Otherwise, Tutmić writes inscriptions for stability and security at work, love and marriage. They are so called inscriptions for success. I asked Imam Ibrahim if he foretells the future, like so many other healers? -No! He replies energetically. -That is not my job. According to Islam, foretelling destiny is strictly forbidden, except if we are talking about the worship of istihara. There are people in Bosnia which perform these acts, such as Semiza from Miljevina near Foča, and lately I hear that Imam Avdija from Konjic also performs this type of work. Some of them do it according to regulations, it seems successfully, and for others I'm not sure. Worshiping istihara is a special prayer and is done in accordance to strict rules, especially for people whose future one wants to predict. Most of those that praise their own skills of clairvoyance see more than fifty people a day, you tell me what we are talking about.

I finish my talk with Ibrahim. It is time. There are dozen people waiting outside. From the yard in front of his house, which is located on a high place, offers a great view of the valley that houses village Gornja Orahovica. Surrounded by mountains and forests. Here even nature heals.

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